Prevent The Scare Of House Spiders

Causing jumps, screams and scares to homes across the country is the dreaded sighting of a house spider. We have all had encounters with a creepy spider and whether Types Of Pest you are the one who screams for help or the one that comes running to the rescue, we can likely all agree they are not good company to have in our home.

Although very few spiders are capable of causing humans any harm, does not make these critters any better to be residing in your home. Only the black widow and the brown recluse are known to have the ability to cause severe reactions when they bite and this is only in some people. For the most part spiders are very docile and try to avoid any human interactions. Due to this fact, you will most likely find spiders in the following areas of your home:

back of the Best Time Of Year To Spray House For Bugs closet

old boxes or bins

stacks of newspaper

in the attic

in the basement

in crawl spaces

or anywhere else that is remote and away from constant human contact

Even if you do meet up with a spider while cleaning out the closet or your attic, do not fear. They are very unlikely to become aggressive unless they feel seriously threatened. And even so, most spiders are not capable of piercing through human skin when they bite.

Still not convinced that you want to see a spider ever again? Here are some ways to help prevent finding these critters spinning webs in your home:

trim back bushes and shrubs so they do not touch the side of the house

make sure all windows and doors have screens that fit tightly and do not have holes or tears

seal off cracks on the exterior of your home

de-clutter your storage spaces so spiders cannot hide out

contact your local pest control company to set up a routine pest control service

In order to keep a spider free home, try to follow the spider prevention tips above. Not only will your home be more organized in the end, but you will also have less pest problems. No matter what time of the year, the best way to prevent pests is to maintain a routine pest control service. The pest control pros can treat your home as necessary in order to get rid of any existing spiders and also prevent future ones from getting inside.