Pest Control: 4 New Year’s Resolutions for a Pest-Free Home

Improved home organization is a consistently popular matter for New Year’s resolutions. Indoor Homemade Bug Spray Commit to the resolutions listed below to savor a pest-free New Year.
1. I will not use toxic pest control chemicals.
Part of good pest prevention is partnering with an earth-friendly local pest control company. In the past, pesticide sprays were the main technique for battling insect populations. Although these chemical solutions certainly worked well, they were also highly noxious for other nearby creatures, including pets and family members. In fact, pesticide sprays have been linked to the onset of learning challenges, including ADHD.
To get rid of invaders while caring for the earth and your loved ones, select a local pest control company that uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies. IPM is an earth-friendly pest control approach that entails understanding each pest species to block breeding and eradicate individual pests.
2. I will examine food packaging.
Indian meal moths, cigarette beetles and other starch-loving bugs often enter the home via prepackaged food. To avert bringing these creatures into your home along with your food, carefully examine bulk and packaged food before running through the grocery checkout. Specifically, you should notice webbing, miniature eggs and gnawed plastic, particularly in the corners of food packaging. If your home pest inspection reveals unwanted guests, you should immediately discard infested food in outdoor trash cans. Follow up with a thorough cleansing of your pantry, keeping a hawk’s lookout for infested packages. Indeed, your local pest control company would recommend cleaning out your pantry a couple of times a year, since this is one popular zone for pests.
3. I will perform anti-pest maintenance on my home’s exterior.
A well-sealed home suffers fewer invasions. Ants, spiders, cockroaches and rodents can squeeze through very small openings in your home’s exterior. For instance, a mouse only requires a hole the size of a dime to gain entry. To seal out these intruders, conduct a home pest inspection by carefully walking around the interior and exterior perimeter. Any holes should be filled with caulk or foaming home sealant. This practice does more than just keep out critters; it also improves your home’s ability to retain heat, thus reducing your heating bills. Your local pest control company may be able to provide this service if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.
4. I will practice good firewood pest prevention.
For pests like termites and carpenter ants, firewood is like edible public transit. They’re happy to live in your wood pile until you bring wood indoors. Once inside, these pulp-happy pests will gnaw through your home’s main beams, leaving lasting, serious damage. Follow these habits to keep firewood pests out of your home:
– Inspect logs for pests as you bring them indoors; Do Mice Become Wary Of Traps brush off any pests that you find.
– Burn the oldest logs in your fire first; this will remove any long-standing pest residences.
– Firewood should be stored outside, at a minimum of twenty feet from any inhabited edifice.
– Don’t spray pesticides if you do discover pests in your firewood pile. Many anti-pest chemicals are toxic when burned. Rather, arrange for your local pest control company to conduct a home pest inspection.
By following the above resolutions, you will enjoy a pest-free, inviting home in the New Year.