Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays have been used in self defense for a while now. It essentially consists of an agent called capsaicin that replicates the heat of chilies. This ends up irritating the eyes and breathing system of your assailant. Many people carry pepper sprays with them. Chances are you may never have to use it. But if you do have to for self defense, you have to know that there are certain things you have to keep in mind for it to work well.
When using the pepper spray as a self defense product, make sure not to stick your shooting hand all the way towards the assailant. A quick person can grab your hand and you will have lost advantage. Instead, yell at the person to stop, they will do so for a split second, spray as you are drawing your hand away. Another very important thing is to keep your eyes open when you are spraying. Closing your eyes may have your aim go haywire.
Remember that your attacker is not going to stand in one place, so try moving in an X or Z shape and spray in short bursts. As soon as you can, turn tail and get as far away from your assailant as possible. Knowing when to use your pepper spray is important. It also has to be easily accessible in the situation that you are in. Once you get hold of it, aim it at the face of your assailant and particularly the eyes, spray for 1 to 2 seconds and try to get away. All the time, keep your eyes on your opponent as it takes a second or two for the spray to begin its work.
Pepper spray can do the following to an attacker
1. Cause tearing up of the eyes or having them swollen shut
2. It can cause an inflammation of the respiratory system as well as the lining of the throat.
3. It can also cause massive How To Pronounce Pest irritation of the skin
4. The larynx can get temporarily paralyzed.
5. The opponent may lose control of his muscles around the sprayed area
6. He may also suffer from non-stop Best Pest Control Spray For Homes coughing and retching.