My Flour Is Moving – Pest Control Company to the Rescue!

Does this scenario sound familiar? You enter your pantry or reach into your kitchen cabinet where you have stored your flours for some time and remove what is needed to prepare a meal for your family only to discover that your flour has little specks of brown that appears to move from time to time? If so, you most likely have some type of pest problem that does not end with the bag of flour you just took down. Old cornmeal and just about any type of flour is subject to invaders known as Weevils, which are nothing more than small beetles called Meal Moths, Flour Beetles, or, Boll Weevils.
If it’s your first time or tenth experiencing something like this, each time it makes your skin crawl and you just want to rid your home of the little critters now eating the food you planned to serve to your family. Taking swift action is the right thing Petroleum Distillates In Pesticides to do to avoid further infestation and protect your loved ones and pets. When doing so you’ll want to choose the right pest and termite control company, one with experience and a good reputation for ridding homes of pest control problems like yours.
In years past, many pest control companies used toxic substances to remove roaches, scorpions and pesky vermin that make life miserable. The best approach is to seek out local pest control company that uses the least invasive methods to resolve your pest control problem and also has a multipronged approach to both rid and keep at bay weevils and other pests from returning again. Good technicians will start with a brief interview to ascertain when the problem started, how long it has persisted and search for any dead or living pests because once these facts are known they can develop the right plan to eradicate existing insects. If the problem has existed for some time, there will most likely be eggs or hatchlings too small to be seen by the human eye. A knowledgeable pest termite control company and its technicians will take the utmost care to eliminate the eggs or nests before they become a future problem.
Stay tuned for part 2 where we’ll cover more on modern Pest Entry Prevention pest and termite control techniques and safety.