Moisture Control In Crawl Spaces With Foundation Vents

Controlling the levels of moisture in your home is so important, and not just for comfort. We all know that a humid house can make the hot summer months even stickier and give a cold winter an even harsher chill, but there are even more compelling reasons to address this issue. By keeping the moisture levels in your house, and especially crawl spaces at a good, dry level you can save money on your energy bill, you can keep a cleaner, healthier air quality, and with certain methods, you can even tackle wildlife invasions at the same time. Consider the benefits of installing automatic foundation vents in your home paired with a moisture barrier.
Energy Efficiency
The relationship between controlling moisture in your home and energy efficiency is indirect, but strong. In a damp home, your insulation will simply not work quite as well. This means spending more money to heat and cool the rooms within because they are not being protected properly. In a dry house, Pest Control Sop Example your insulation can do its job, which will noticeably cut your power bills. Certain models of foundation vents are automatic, which means you cannot forget to open or shut them, and require no electricity, reducing your energy burden without even a small amount of operational electricity required.
Reducing Allergens
Many people have mild mold allergies without even realizing it. When your home is damp for any period of time, mold may begin to develop and travel around in the air of your house. This can lead to sniffles, itching, and irritation that you may not at first attribute to these airborne mold particles. Keeping your house dry is so important to maintaining a healthy environment because once these particles develop they can be difficult or even impossible to get rid of.
Wildlife Control
Certain types of foundation vents have special metal mesh plates that can serve to keep out wildlife like squirrels, rats, opossums, raccoons, and other pests that love to share the warmth of our homes. This is an invaluable bonus, as anyone who has ever suffered a wildlife invasion in their home will tell you. By keeping these pests out you How To Identify Scale On Plants can save yourself a lot of hassle on pest control, and prevent some of the nastier side effects of infestation, like chewed wiring and electrical fires. Pest control and moisture control may seem like an unlikely combination, but because they both tend to focus on areas of your home like crawl spaces, it really does make perfect sense.