Lock Boxes Can Be a Good Option For Hiding Spare Keys

Everyone should have an extra set of keys handy. Emergencies can happen that may require you to have keys available How Long To Clean House while you are not at home. For your security, however, do not place these spare keys in an easy to spot place.
Hide-a-keys were a good invention when they first started, but they are easily spotted now. Hide-a-rocks can be found quickly by burglars who are looking for it. Another bad spot to place spare keys are under door mats, above doors, or in a plant pot.
Use your imagination. Find something that will keep your spare keys in an easy to access place, but also keep your home security measures high. One device that can be handy for storing spare keys is a lock box.
A lock box stores your key while also protecting it with a lock. It is meant to fit one to five keys, so it is a very small box. This is important to allow you to hide it effectively.
Where you place your lock box is up to you, though you should place it in an inconspicuous place. Lock boxes can be mounted to your home if you like. This will make it hard for a burglar to walk off with it.
Electronic key boxes can be bought for additional home security measures. Electronic lock boxes will allow a code to be used, and can be changed once How To Clean House Like A Professional that person has used it. Electronic key boxes also allow you to track every time the box is opened, and give you the date and time it was used.
Locks are what make the key boxes such a good choice. Most lock boxes use combination locks. That way, once someone uses the key box, you can change the combination so they cannot use it again with out your permission.
If you are still worried about home security issues, you can also use “do-not-duplicate” keys. These bonded keys make it so only you can get a new copy of the house keys. Brands such as Medeco are more pricey, but do a great job for home security protection.