Lawn Pest Identification

There are several lawn pests that you might encounter along the way; and it’s best to have these controlled at the soonest possible time because managing them at their mature stage might be more tasking later on. So, get yourself acquainted with identifying a few of these turf annoyances first to know how to control them.
It’s good to know what you’re dealing with beforehand. If it’s insects that are overrunning your lawn, then it’s best to use a pest killer product that’s specifically designed to kill these. Now, if you were to use the same Doyourownpestcontrol Coupon product on let’s say moles, then it might not work effectively on this type of pest. To learn more, read on further below concerning a few lawn nuisances that can help you identify which it is that needs controlling.
White Grubs
White Grubs will surely need some lawn pest control, before it matures into a beetle. Eradicating them at their mature age will be a tedious job. And if worse comes to worst, you’ll probably need to call for professional help afterwards. Anyway, Bug Spraying Service Near Me White Grubs are C-shaped, and are typically seen with brown heads. You’ll know that you have them around if you start seeing yellow patches starting to show on your lawn. It destroys the roots of your turf grass, leaving it to die gradually.
Cut Worms
There a few particular moths that usually started out as caterpillars, much like what Cut Worms (usually seen as these fat and slimy pests) go through. These worms usually feed during night time. You’ll know that they are present in your lawn when you start to see your foliage or your plant stems already in a cut state.
Chinch Bugs
Chinch bugs are often seen damaging grasses such as St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bermuda. They usually grow at about 1/5-inch long, and are usually seen as black bugs that have white wings on them. You’ll see these bugs in their young stage (also known as Nymphs) when they’re still yellow in color. They’ll start to change their color into red soon after. When they suck on the juices of the grass they prey on, they also release a certain type of toxin that destroys the system. It eventually leads and causes the turf to develop brownish spots (dead grass). But there are organic pest control choices that you can use to kill these bugs.
Moles can be good to have, especially when they help eat the white grubs and some insects for you. But they still post a threat to your lawn when they start to ruin it with their tunneling (which happens when they start to search for food). They are these soft, furry animals, that disrupts the lawns by detaching the plant roots from the soil. Of course, your turf grass and plants will eventually die when the roots of it loses contact with the soil.
You should know that lawn pest control products can be a good solution to use, especially when you’re getting rid of these pests. It can help remedy infestations, no matter how critical things go. There are also organic weed killers that you can use, if it were weeds that are starting to infest your lawn this time.