Killer Bees

They are a danger to everyone around you, from small children to large adults. They’re small and fast, this makes it nearly impossible to realize they’re there before it’s too late. They reside in hives and are most popularly seen as hybrid species. Sad for the killer bee though, the first sting is their last sting. Their little bodies cannot produce another potent stream like a wasp can so when it stings you, it will fly around for a few more hours and then will fall to its death.
These insects are aggressive in nature, settling down in one comb and when it’s time to move, rather than build a new one, they destroy any nearby non-killer bee hives making it their own. They usually do not in habit the corners and crevices of the actual house but will takes residence in places such as the front yard tree or the old shack in your back yard, preferring a 360 range of flight. Stings from African bees kill one or two people per year in the United States. As the bee spreads through Florida, a densely populated state, officials worry that public fear may force misguided efforts to combat them. The sting of the hybrid bee is no more potent than another variety of honey bee, and they have a similar appearance.
Easily enough removal just requires a few bee suits and some cautious hands. Most of the time when removing Killer Bees from an environment all that is required is a relocation of the hive into a sparse environment or another environment where the killer bee would be slowed down by colonies on all sides. In the meantime, keep your ears open when you walk outside to make sure you don’t hear any buzzing. If you see one in a neighbors yard call a professional who can save your neighbor from a very painful experience.
How to prevent getting stung:
– Avoid doing anything that might make a loud noise when you see a hive. Don’t shout, don’t use machinery Pest Control Methods Ppt near the hive, and keep barking dogs away because they won’t be doing you a favor but attracting them.
– Don’t poke or mess with a hive. Handling these things and risking your life to get rid of a mere annoyance is not your job.
– Do not wear strong perfume, or dangling jewelry because Pesticide Active Ingredient Database it will attract their attention directly to you.