Keeping Winter Pests at Bay

Many people only worry about bugs and creepy crawlies and bringing in a pest control company to get rid of them during the summer months when all the flying nuisances are in evidence; when that nasty looking hornet’s nests is sitting ominously under one of your gutters or that swarm of bees has taken over the whole lower half of your backyard.
When the winter rolls around the majority of the annoying insects are gone for the year and your home will be bug free for months.
That is not, however, even close to the truth. There are plenty of rodents and insects who dislike the cold weather every bit as much you do and are looking for somewhere nice, warm and cozy to spend the winter – somewhere like your house.
Most homeowners do not realize that they have a winter pest problem until they begin seeing the evidence. Droppings, nibbled food in cupboards, cockroaches scurrying back behind the refrigerator after having just spent a night feasting on those leftovers on your kitchen counters.
The fact is that a little pre-emptive pest protection could save you from having to call in the pest control company for an emergency visit right before your holiday guests arrive.
* Tightly seal all entry points and seal or repair any cracks or holes, however tiny. Mice can squeeze through openings smaller than a dime and even rats can push their way through a gap that is as big as a quarter.
* Have all the plants, trees and bushes that are close to your home trimmed back. Overhanging vegetation Pest Control In Food Processing Plants provides the perfect pathway for pests to get into your home so cut them off at the pass.
* Before you bring your firewood inside inspect it for pests like cockroaches and spiders. Better still store it in a covered firewood holder at all times, rather than having it lie around outside on the grass acting as a custom built home for all kinds of pests.
* Simple good sanitation will help as well. Keep counters and dishes clean; don’t forget to tightly seal leftovers, rinse recyclable containers prior to storing and remember to take out the kitchen garbage immediately whenever it is full.
If all this advice has come too late and you do end up with unwanted winter guests, call What To Do After Pest Control Sprays in the pest control professionals rather than trying to handle the problem yourself.
Although your local home store does indeed stock dozens of pest control products some of them can be pretty nasty to handle and downright dangerous if handled incorrectly. A licensed pest management professional will determine the most effective treatment and control methods and get rid of your pest problem before you end up with extra, uninvited guests at your holiday dinner table.