Keeping Winter at Bay Around the House

Winter. In the UK some people love this season, but a lot of us find it depressing. This is not only due to the fact that it gets cold and miserable outside (much like the British summer!) but also because if something around the house packs up you could be left huddling round an electric heater trying to keep warm or cooking your sausages on an open fire. Joking aside, home protection is an important way of maintaining your home and it is a good idea to plan ahead for winter. This article outlines the key things for you to do to keep your house and home in check so you are not left with your teeth chattering in the dark in the middle of the cold season.
Winter Chills and Draughts
In winter, the cold wind of the north will always find a way into your home and give you the shivers. Here’s some advice to help keep you warm and also save you money on your heating bills by making sure your home is draft free and insulated.
Insulation is Key – In the winter, pipes are susceptible to bursting due to high amounts of pressure being built up due to the frozen liquid in the pipe. Avoid the calamity of having your pipe burst and insulate all your pipes and water tanks before it’s too late.
Draughty Decisions – Instigate an investigation upon your own house. Find where the draughts are sneaking into your house. Check loft hatches, windows, doors and pipes which lead outside.
Bleed your Radiators – Bleeding your radiators is one of the best ways to get the best out of your radiators and heat up your home. Once you bleed your radiators any trapped air will be released, allowing hot water to circulate more efficiently – keeping your home nice and cosy.
Plan for the Worst
As I’ve already mentioned, winter always has ways of surprising us. To keep your house maintained and nice and warm this winter, follow this handy advice for complete home protection!
Invest in Boiler Service – Make sure your boiler is serviced every year. This will help keep your boiler working efficiently. This will save you money on your heating bills and repair bills and also reduce the risk of your boiler breaking when you turn it on at the start of winter.
Be Stopcock Smart – If you have ever been a victim of a broken pipe you’ll know that knowing where your stopcock is essential in such an emergency. Check out where yours is today!
A Priceless Power-cut Kit – Whatever the time of year, but especially in the winter, a power-cut kit is a useful addition to any household. These could Types Of Pesticides Epa contain useful items such as a battery powered torch, matches and candles, bottled water and non-perishable food that needs little or no cooking.
In conclusion, if you follow these top tips on how to protect your house and home over this cold season you will be helping to protect yourself from costly repair bills and the hassle of home emergencies and boiler breakdowns. Wearable Bed Bug Repellent Don’t let these incidents spoil your winter, and especially Christmas – Santa doesn’t like coming down a chimney into a freezing cold lounge! Perhaps invest in home emergency cover as well, just to be extra safe!