Keep in Mind the 5 Main Kinds of Sink Faucets Before You Remodel Your Restroom

It may not seem like a big thing at first, but the type of faucet which you install could really make an impact on the overall impression of your restroom. There are several to choose from, however they all could be put into only five major categories. Learning these categories can help you make an informed choice on which one to install.

Mini Spread Center Set Faucet – It is probably the most used style. It has one valve for hot water and one valve for cold water. It has a spout that is set right in between them. Cold and hot water mix before it comes out of the spout. This kind is most appropriate for smaller bathrooms, or if you want your bathroom to have a plain appearance.

Wide Spread Center Set Faucet – This is exactly like the type mentioned previously, so cold and hot water are going to mix before it comes out of the spout. However, the valves are spread further apart. This type of faucet is most appropriate for bigger bathrooms.

Basin Faucets – In these faucets, hot and cold water have their own designated spout and valve. For warm water, you have to allow it to mix in the bowl. Needless to say they are not very practical. However, they make for a nice rustic feel if that is what you are looking for.

Wall Mounted Faucet – As the name implies, the valve and spout setup is placed directly on the wall instead of the sink basin. The sink basin is placed separately beneath. This can produce a trendy contemporary appearance, especially when the bowl is not recessed, but instead placed on top of the sink counter.

Single Hole Faucet – This is the plainest of faucets. Hot and cold water are mixed and released with one valve. The water is released as you move the valve up or down, then mixed as you turn the valve clockwise and counter clockwise. These are most suitable for smaller bathrooms, or if you want to give your bathroom a simple appearance.

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