Is Your Home Safe While You Are Away?

Vacation time should be a carefree, fun experience. But coming home to find your house in shambles and your precious belongings stolen can be quite a shock. You can avoid this unfortunate experience by taking a few simple precautions before leaving home.
The most important thing is to make your home look lived in as much as possible even though no one is home. Use one or more inexpensive timers to turn lights on and off every evening. It is also helpful to have the TV or a radio turned on at appropriate times.
Cancel newspaper deliveries and have your mail held at the post office until you return. Perhaps you could arrange for a friend to stop by to check on the premises and pick up flyers or advertisements left on the door. Your friend could also pick up fallen branches or debris that blows onto the lawn.
If you will be away for an extended time, be sure to arrange for someone to cut the lawn and trim other vegetation. Nothing says “Nobody home” than high grass.
Naturally, all your doors and windows should have strong locks and be tightly closed. A simple battery operated alarm could be placed on the doors and windows for additional protection. Don’t make the common mistake of leaving a key hidden in a “safe” place outside the building. Burglars know all the hiding places. Also be sure to close and lock the garage doors. You have a lot of expensive items in the average garage. Make sure that all widows and doors are free of bushes, plants or other obstructions that would provide a hiding place for an intruder to do his work.
Be careful who you tell that you are going away. Do not put a notice in a public place and do not advise the local newspaper. Be careful about mentioning it on your social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or your own blog. Do not change your telephone answering message or automatic
e-mail response to Neem Oil Bug Spray Recipe say you are away.
Your immediate neighbors should know so they can be aware of any suspicious activities. In small towns it may be helpful to advise your local police department so they can put you on their watch list. Also advise any community or Home Owners Association patrol.
By following these easy, common sense tips you can increase your Getting Rid Of Cockroaches chances of coming home to a place that is just as you left it.