Is an Undermount Bathroom Sink a Good Option?

Is an Undermount Bathroom Sink a Good Option?

Many people choose an under mount bathroom sink for their bathrooms when they remodel but you may want to make sure it is the right type of sink for you. The under mount bathroom sink is a growing trend in modern decor as it gives a clean, smooth appearance that blends well with modern design. Available in a wide variety of colors and materials it is easy to find one that will work with an attractive cabinet. Under mount sinks work very well with granite and marble counter tops that are equally popular in homes today.

There are many advantages to an under mount bathroom sink. The fact that there is no lip or edge gives the counter top an open look and for that reason is a good option for small bathrooms. But regardless of the size of the bathroom or counter top the visual flow an under mount sink will give a spacious appearance and draw the eye to the beauty of the counter top rather than the sink.

One of the most difficult areas to clean in a bathroom is the edge around a top mounted sink. Debris, dirt, mildews, soap scum and such can easily build up and be difficult to remove. Getting this area clean often requires scrubbing and a sharp tool to clean out underneath the rim. An under mount bathroom sink eliminates this problem completely and makes cleaning a breeze.

Under mount bathroom sinks come in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs. Choose from a round, oval or even square shaped sink in porcelain, glass, pewter or ceramic. Often made of Vitreous China, under mount bathroom sinks come in a wide variety of colors to match any decor.

If you already have a cabinet and counter top, your size and shape will be predetermined, but you may like to use a material that is more interesting than the original and blends well with a new counter top and new decor. The least expensive option will be the standard materials whereas more expensive sinks can be found made of copper, brass, and natural stone products as well. Acrylic under mount sinks are the easiest to install.

The installation of this type of fixture can be done by a handy homeowner, but most people prefer to have it done professionally. Simply put, the sink is installed from underneath the counter top using an adhesive gasket or an epoxy. A silicone sealant is then applied at the point where the sink and counter connect for extra strength. Clips are used to anchor the sink underneath the counter as well. Additional support may be required as well.

When choosing an under mount bathroom sink it is important to choose a product that will work well with this option. The reason most people choose a natural stone product or vitreous China and acrylic is because they work the best and look the best when they are installed. Formica counter tops are prone to water damage and leave a ragged, unfinished edge when installed unless sealed correctly. Tile counter tops tend to have the same type of problem.

You will also want to make sure the cabinet you are using can accommodate an under mount bathroom sink. Double check with the store where you purchased the cabinet, or the manufacturer, to make sure the cabinet will accommodate the sink you have chosen. In addition, double check the measurements as well.