Investing In the Safety of Your Family

I am an avid believer in the right to bear arms. This right is expressly given to each and every law-abiding citizen of this country in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This incredible piece of writing has been a major protection of our “of the people, by the people, for the people”-type of government. Understanding that the great citizens of this country are willing to defend their freedoms and protect their families, communities, and country through the right of personal gun ownership is one of the things that makes this country strong. The Second Amendment has been a major deterrent of invasion from other countries, a preventative measure for would-be trespassers who would encroach on private lands, and a means for protection of our loved ones and property from those who wish to do harm or steal.

I understand what the Second Amendment does for our country and I feel strongly about protecting that freedom. I know that In an indirect way, the “common citizen” gun owners are the protectors of this great country. At a moment’s notice, they could be called upon to protect their country.

Just as avid as I am about the right of gun ownership, I am also a strong believer in the practice of gun safety and responsibility. If you own a gun, it is vitally important to educate yourself on how to shoot properly, how to load your gun correctly, how to carry a loaded gun, how to maintain it, and how to store it safely. If you have a youth in your family who shows interest in wanting to learn how to shoot a gun, then provide them the necessary education and training in how to shoot and how to practice gun safety.

In these uncertain times, where there seems to be more division among the citizens as to whether we build our country on entitlements with having broad federal government laws, regulations, and programs – or whether we try to revert back to the understanding that this country was founded on rugged individualism and minimal federal government intrusion – one thing is certain – there are more and more firearms being sold each year. And these firearms are Routine Pest Control not being sold to “bad” people who want to cause harm, but to ordinary people who understand their right to own a gun just may be in jeopardy. There are far too many do not understand how precious our freedoms are. Too many do not understand that the very freedoms that many soldiers have bled and died to protect are being given up with the stroke of a pen. Many believe our right to own guns is in peril. It is no wonder that gun sales has increased.

So, with the surge in gun sales, it is even more imperative that gun safety be examined. Many gun owners use their rifles for hunting game. Many gun owners use their firearms for recreational purposes like target practicing. Others use their handguns for protection against thieves, rapists, and murderers. Whatever they use their firearms for, one thing is certain – while not in use, firearms are more safe when they are stored in a gun safe.

There are major, really major advantages for locking up guns that are not in use. They include:

Keeping firearms out of the hands of the innocent, mainly children and curious youth. It is so tragic to hear of accidental shootings and even deaths at the hands of children who just happen to come across a handgun that is stored in the nightstand by the bed. Or how many accidents are caused when a young boy wants to show his friends his father’s cool shotgun? If the gun is locked up, then this would keep these kind of accidents from happening.

Deterring theft. If a burglary happens while you are away from the house and the thief happens across your rifles or handguns, more than likely they will be stolen. If a thief finds a safe, they may not want to spend the time nor risk making noises trying to pry it open. Granted, a determined thief can and often will break into a safe if they have the time and can risk the noise. But a safe does make it harder for them and sometimes will prevent a theft. Your firearms and valuables would be even more protected with a heavy-duty burglary-proof safe or with a home safe that is hidden like in the wall.

Protection in case of fire or flood. If your guns and valuables are stored in a fire-resistant and/or water-resistant gun vault, then you have the added protection against natural disasters. This is especially important for gun owners who have guns that are family heirlooms that have been handed down, or guns that are rare and/or hard to replace.

Now, with these advantages, what would keep a responsible gun owner from not exercising the practice of locking up his or her firearms? The main reason would be that the gun owner, if they are using their firearm for protection, feels that locking them up in a gun safe would make it hard for him or her to gain access quickly in case of an emergency. Herein lies the beauty of biometric gun safes. With the advancement of fingerprint recognition technology and the affordability of that technology, gun owners now have all the features that they would want in a home safe. The main ones being:

Reliable locking mechanism that keeps the innocent out of the safe. Biometric technology is incredibly dependable. No two people share the same fingerprint and with the programmed biometric safe, no one but the person with the authorized fingerprint is allowed access to the safe. So your tween, teenager, or their curious friends will not be able to access your safe.

Easy access to the biometric gun safe. For biometric safes, all it takes is the swipe of a fingerprint and you have access. That is easy. No more messing with combinations or fumbling for keys. No more looking for that piece of paper that you had the combination written on or searching for the safe key in the bottom of the junk drawer. Also, you can rest assured that your child will not accidentally happen upon your firearm because you left it out of the safe due to the fact that it is just too much hassle to open and close.

Quick access with the swipe of a finger. An authorized user can gain access to a biometric safe in a matter of seconds. This is so important in the case of an emergency. Trying to locate a key or attempting to do a combination lock at night or in the dark is just futile. Trying to remember PINs or combinations under duress is difficult. Biometric technology allows immediate access with the swipe of a finger of an authorized user.

There are really no excuses for you if you are a gun owner. If the safety of your family truly is of utmost importance to you, you owe it to them to invest in a biometric gun safe. They come all shapes and sizes. There are large ones for hunting rifles and shotguns that you can put in the closet or in the corner of the basement. Or, if you keep a firearm by your bed at night, there are small biometric gun safes you can conceal in a drawer or attach to the bed frame. There are portable gun safes that you can use if you are on the road or want to use for a car safe. There are firesafes, depository safes, and hidden wall safes. To learn more about all the different kinds of biometric gun safes and biometric technology, visit Best Biometric Gun Safe.

May God bless you and keep Pest Control Technician Salary your family safe.