Improving the Look of Your Home With Bathroom Sink Vanities

Improving the Look of Your Home With Bathroom Sink Vanities

If you want something beautiful in your bathroom, but need it to be functional too, try a bathroom sink vanity. Not only are they attractive, but they also add resale value to your home. Two of the most important rooms people consider when buying a house are the bathroom and kitchen, so you can save money by adding a bathroom sink vanity rather then redoing your kitchen.

There are bathroom sink vanities for every budget and lifestyle. You may also choose your vanity based on your family’s needs. A double sink style may be best for a large family, but for a single person in a one bedroom home just one sink will probably do the trick.

Some of the typical inclusions with a bathroom sink vanity are: areas for storage; a mirror; and plenty of counter space. Some popular add-ons include: places for soap; bars to hang your towels on; and even places to plug in your bathroom appliances. Of course, each of these features can add to the expense of a vanity.

There are different styles for every taste, ranging from fancy antique models to high class modern features. Plus, with a bathroom sink vanity, you can always add your own pieces to make this bathroom add-on more reflective of your tastes. You can find vanities ready to install, or even ones that can be painted and customized as you see fit.

An easy and relatively inexpensive alternative to purchasing an antique or buying a pre-made one is to have your vanity made from furniture you get from flea markets or auctions. If you are handy with tools, it is easy to make your own bathroom sink vanity with an inexpensive cabinet or table. You can even add your own finishes to make the counter water resistant.

If you are not very good with you hands, you can still find many inexpensive bathroom sink vanities that are pre-made. Your local hardware store often carries such products and you may also find incredible deals online if you look hard enough. Just a few hundred dollars can add beauty and functionality to the space in your bathroom and also go a long way toward upping the resale value of your home.