Hurricane Shutters: A Necessity for Home Protection

Mobile, Alabama is located on the Gulf of Mexico, and is the third largest city in the Southern United States. Because of the closeness of the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Mobile’s climate is mild and subtropical, with an annual average temperature of 68 degrees. Mobile has a long history of being hit by major storms and hurricanes, also caused by the close proximity of the waters of the gulf.
Hurricane Camille flooded the city in 1969, even though it hit well to the west. Ten years later, Mobile received major damage from Hurricane Frederick, and Hurricane Ivan caused heavy damage to the city in 2004 with its 130 mph winds.
Savvy homeowners in Mobile put hurricane shutters on their windows and doors. Hurricane shutters are the most important thing you can do to protect your home during a storm. Storm shutters cover the places where wind and rain can enter, and there is no substitute for them. Some homeowners have in the past used temporary solutions, but this is not recommended by experts. Hurricane shutters are rated for missile impact resistance, and can withstand high winds. They also keep the major pressure changes of the hurricane from damaging your home. Pressure changes inside the home, when not regulated by a window covering, can actually rip off roofs and tear walls down.
Hurricane shutters come in a variety of styles and prices, and can be matched to your home, both with their color and their style. There are different price points, as well, and knowing your options can help you make the wisest choice. The most popular types of hurricane shutters are:
Roll-down shutters – These are the most convenient type of shutter, because their one-touch roll-down closes your shutters quickly in the face of the storm, with no messing with latches. They also come with a manual crank to use in case of power outages.
Bahama shutters – Bahama shutters have an island feel and style, and attach to the top of windows. When cranked out, Clean House Tips they provide your house with shade and air flow, and in the closed position, give you protection from the storm.
Accordion shutters – Accordion shutters attach to the side of windows and roll out accordion style when in use. They fold up completely when not needed.
Colonial shutters – A popular style in the South, Colonial shutters are a beautiful addition Pest Control Tips For Apartments to your home. They affix to the sides of windows and close easily when a storm is imminent.