How to Replace Your Bathroom Sink Faucet

How to Replace Your Bathroom Sink Faucet

It is easy to replace a bathroom sink faucet. You will only need some basic tools and a little bit of time. Even the absolute beginner can do this DIY project. If you are on a budget, then it is almost a necessity to do it by yourself, since plumbers can be expensive.

The first step is turning the water off. It is amazing how many home DIY remodelers forget about this simple step. If you dismount a faucet without worrying about this, you’ll probably get your bathroom flooded before you can catch up with this step.

After turning off the water, let the water flow until it has no pressure. Otherwise, you’ll have to dry this water. Now you can start working on the bathroom sink faucet.

You’ll obviously need a faucet to do this DIY project, but not too much more. Buying a new faucet is not only a question of finding a beautiful faucet at an amazing price. Not every faucet fits every bathroom sink. Some have two holes other three. Some have the holes 3 inches apart, others, 3.5 inches. Measure the distance of the holes in your faucet before you go shopping. You don’t have to un-mount the old faucet for that, since you can measure it from below.

Your tool of choice is a wrench. Additionally, you’ll need caulking and a putty knife for removing the old caulk. Sometimes you’ll also need a screwdriver, but not much more than that. Often, if not always, it is cheaper to buy all these tools than to hire a plumber.

Removing a faucet is a straightaway process for everyone. There is not much there than unscrewing the bolts and screws that you find, disconnecting the supply lines and cleaning up the old caulk. The process of mounting it is not more than the inverse of un-mounting.

Clean everything as good as you can. You can also wait to caulk anything, since caulk will not hold on a wet surface. Even if you don’t see any trace of caulking, use an anti-caulking to clean everything. This may seem as a step too much, but considering that mildew is a huge hazard for your health, and that it is very difficult to get rid of it, it is a sensible step.

After you installed the faucet, let water flow through the bathroom sink and try to find any leaks on the installation.