How To Ask A Girl To A Dance

Dances bring about different feelings for different people. Some people are excited because they like the social interaction. Others are nervous because they are less sure about that interaction. Asking a girl to a dance can be a treacherous journey and it is probably best to keep the direct question rather than rambling about something personal and strange like your uncle’s job at Terminix, the pest control service. Be direct, be honest, and do not be bummed if the first girl you ask is already going with someone else. There are plenty of people to ask and even if you do not get to go with your number one choice (or any girl for that matter) your friends will be there to back you up and show you a good time, date or not.
The first thing to do is figure out how you are going to ask her. Generally, girls appreciate some basic creativity when it comes to this part but you do not need to go all out all the time. A simple way to ask a girl to a dance is to tape Gold Bond Medicated Powder Kills Bed Bugs a note to her locker and then wait for her there at the end of school. If you like a less public idea, you could simply go up and ask her after class or after school. Most girls, even if they do not want to go with you, will be polite.
After you figure out how you are going to ask her, you may want to figure out how likely it is that she will say yes. Talk to some of her friends and mention that you have thought about asking her and see what they say. More often than not, her friends Pest Control Methods Home can be your biggest allies and not even know it. If they tell you that she is going with someone else, ask another girl. If the girl seems genuinely excited that you asked her to the dance is definitely a good sign and a green light to continue.
One thing that many guys do after they ask a girl to the dance is cut off communication until the actual dance. The best thing you can do after asking a girl to a dance and getting an affirmative answer is to talk to her and get to know her. It will make the dance a whole lot less awkward when the two of you actually get there and there could even be a chance of you guys going out afterwards. If a girl says yes to you in the first place, she if obviously interested in getting to know you.
In the end, be natural and relax. Asking a girl to a dance is not the biggest deal and it definitely will not make or break your high school careers. In five years, it will not matter who you went to the dance with at all and people will have all but forgotten who went with whom and what happened at any of the dances they went to.