Home Security Hardware – Making Your Windows More Secure

When considering your home security checklist – windows are the weakest point in the layout of any home. Glass is easy to shatter, to cut, and to remove. Thus, it is in your best interest to make Bugs Attracted To Garbage the windows of your home as inaccessible as possible. Securing your windows can take many forms, as we’ll see, and with a little work your home’s weakest point will quickly become the strongest.
Prickly Shrubs
First off, consider planting the more unpleasant bushes beneath your windows to protect them from peeping toms or would-be thieves. Prickly shrubs or thick, stiff hedges are your best bet for this security method. You’ll want something with thick branches, and, if possible, thorns. There are many plants that possess unpleasant defensive measures, and with a bit of patience, your green guardians will keep your windows as safe as bars or dogs.
Speaking of bars, iron or titanium bars on your windows are another route for home security. Thick bars, evenly spaced, can prevent determined thieves from entering your windows. Bear in mind, however, that a stubborn thief may try removing the bars through force – essentially bending them or popping them off of the wall of your home. Bars are also quite unsightly, as security measures go. However, this can work somewhat in your favor. Barred windows warn potential thieves that you have security measures in place… something which can deter crime more effectively than any other security measure.
Reinforce What Time Of Year Do Rats Breed
An alternative to bars is to simply reinforce the window frame and the glass itself. This will be a cosmetic improvement, but it won’t be quite as strong. Reinforced glass will help with a smash-and-grab artist, but it can still be cut. Double glazing can deter glass-cutters, but it’ll block your view.
Multiple Locks
Multiple locks will keep your windows from being jimmied open easily. Sash bolts and other heavy locks can hold a window closed through most everything short of a window being shattered. Extra locks are a sensible investment for your windows, whatever other measures you put in place. Making your windows as hard to open as possible is a good way of ensuring that you do not forget to lock them back after opening them.
Crushed Glass
Guarding your window sills is almost as important a protecting the windows themselves. A scattering of crushed glass or sharpened debris can be both inconspicuous as well as detrimental to anyone attempting to boost themselves up over the window sill. The same placed tactfully around below the window is also handy in keeping prowlers away from the side of your home.
Home security decals pasted to the inside of the window so that it can be read from the outside can deter a burglar. It may be a bluff but then again it might be true that a very capable security system is working in the home. The intruder has to consider the gamble – should he break and enter or should he look for easier marks?
As the major easy entry point for possible prowlers, the windows of your home should be your number one priority to improve security for home protection. Windows are good spots for the cheaper methods such as hardware, prickly bushes, decals, and broken glass scattered on the window sill. A combination of making the burglar uncomfortable and him seeing that it won’t be easy getting into this home, might make him choose to move on to another house and leave yours alone.