Home Protection Plan

Burglaries of residential properties in the U.S. accounted for an astonishing 70% of all burglary offenses recorded according to F.B.I. sources. With property related theft occurring every three seconds on the crime clock, losses add up to billions of dollars each year averaging a loss per incident in excess of $2000. Perhaps the most Essential Oil Bed Bug Spray Recipe sobering aspect of the home invasion tsunami is that less than 18% of criminal activity is cleared by authorities, which means the crooks are getting away with a lot of pilfered goods at the homeowners expense. The following information is provided to assist homeowners in protecting their property against intrusion and theft.
Homeowners can take pro-active steps to discourage break-ins with a systematic home protection plan that requires a minimal amount of effort or expense. Starting a neighborhood watch program is a good place to begin as neighbors can watch out for each other and know who belongs and who does not. Having a trusted friend pick up your mail and newspaper is also a smart idea and it is also wise to keep the lawn and yard in shape while you are away. Ignoring these small chores will send an unmistakable signal to a potential thief. Many homeowners opt to display a surveillance sticker in a front window as a warning to ward off thieves. Leaving a back bedroom light on or keeping the radio on may help unless the intruder decides to call your bluff by ringing the doorbell or phoning to see if anyone answers. Quality doors and locks for all outside entry ways slow down a thief but may not be enough to stop him from gaining access to your stuff.
Electronic technology in the form of a motion monitoring system or door and window alarm connected to a dialing system alerting you or the police to a break-in is a highly effective crime stopper. Many of these affordable home security system alarms are mobile and require no installation, making them an attractive alternative to costly professionally installed systems or those requiring contracts and monthly service fees.
With a little advance preparation using this home protection plan, homeowners can successfully Pest Control Courses protect home, property, and valuable assets from crooks looking for a target to exploit.