Home Protection, Keeping Your Valuables Safe

It seems that crime is on the rise and no one wants to be a victim. But how can you effectively protect your home and property? You can create home security without consulting expensive companies or spending a lot of money. Just use these few tips and common sense to keep your valuables safe.
Thieves generally go for the easy target, so if your house is easy to get into or your property is readily accessible you are setting yourself up for the possibility of getting robbed. However, by using a few simple theft deterrents you can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming a victim.
Lock your house up. This is an obvious suggestion, but you would be surprised how many people neglect to check garage or back windows. Check all your windows and make sure they are not only closed, but locked as well. On doors, use dead bolts with at least a 1 inch extension into the door frame. If you have a door that leads directly to your garage, make sure it is locked as well. It is surprising how many times people neglect this door!
Lock your car. Again, another obvious recommendation but it is one that many people neglect. They feel that if their car is parked in the garage or next to their house it is safe. Just because your car is at your home doesn’t Natural Pest Controlling Methods Wikipedia mean it is safe. Don’t leave tempting items such as cameras, iPods, GPS systems, etc. in your car. Items like this encourage a would be thief to smash and grab. By the time you hear the glass break it will be too late.
Post alarm signs. We have all seen the little, unobtrusive signs in yards and on home windows from security companies. These little signs can be a great way to ward off thieves, even if the signs are just decoys! A thief would rather not take the risk of the sign being a fake so they will likely move on. It is amazing how a small little thing like a sign can be a great protection to your home!
Add motion lights outside. This is something people never really think of but it is a very simple and wise thing to do. You can install new light fixtures that have motion sensors built in, or you can get a simple light socket adaptor that Homemade Insecticide For Cockroaches will turn any light socket into a motion sensor light. It is good to put flood lights with motion sensors around large areas such as backyards, garages and carports, etc. Illuminating a large area will give a thief fewer places to hide.
Plan for Vacations. When you aren’t home it shows and thieves begin to notice little things that indicate that no one is home. But there are several easy things you can do to make your home looked lived in even when you are away. Of course we all know about putting lights on timers, but have you thought about the times those timers turn on? Have a light turn on in the family room in the evening. As that light turns off have one turn on in the bedroom for a while. That will make it look like you are following a usual routine. Also consider putting timers on televisions and radios. The blue glow from a television screen is more likely to make your home look lived in than just a few lights. Have a neighbor shovel snow from the walk, water plants inside and outside, etc. All the lights in the world won’t detract from the fact that there are no tracks in the snow or all your plants are half dead!
By using a few simple and easy to use techniques, you can protect your home and valuables from the sneaky hands of thieves. It is possible to stay safe and do it without spending a lot of money!