Home Pest Control

My mission is to address how we can control our pestly companions.
Cockroaches are a nuisance in many homes. Their tendency to show up at the least expected moments are embarrassing. Roaches have a frightful sight, the big ones to be precise. They hide in crevices, drainages, in ovens, virtually dark corners and come out to scavenge on food remnants. Due to the tormenting effect they have on me, I managed to find a cheap but effective way of getting rid of them for a span of time. Boric acid, sold in agro-chemical stores is my solid weapon. A concoction of boric acid, milk, sugar, and red onions mixed into a slightly thick paste is poured in shallow containers. These containers are then placed strategically within the reach of cockroaches. Boric acid is deadly poisonous keep the mixture away from reach of children. I get a clean 3 months break until the effect of boric acid begins to wear off.
You can attest to this fact that a dirty house will automatically attract pests. Empty the kitchen bin every day especially at night. Clean the cookers after preparing meals, do the dishes when people are through with eating. Piled up dirty dishes attract flies and are feeding sites for cockroaches and rats. Food spillages on kitchen surfaces and floors must be wiped away with soapy water. Unclog blocked drainages. Keep food covered to ward off flies. Starve these insects and rodents and they will leave for greener places.
Rats are spoilers for lack of a better word. Anyone who has had an encounter with them knows too well that they only consume a small fraction of their ‘meal’. Talk of rats and mice having a taste for good things. Explain how they find their way to our closets and nibble on that treasured designer outfit in a way it can not be repaired for use on official duties. Mouse traps will be a preferable Horticultural Oil Spider Mites choice in cases where rats are few in number. Place some food in the trap to entice the animal. Some of these traps are designed in a way that the victim is unable to free itself once inside. Others have loops which snap to grip the animal if stepped on. Another option is to purchase poison for rodents. It is mixed with solid food as the animal will not foolishly munch it in its naked state.
Insecticides are used on house-flies, cockroaches and drosophila, the latter which savor fruits. Spray insecticide in the absence of any edibles as they are poisonous when ingested. Avoid spraying on utensils too. Lock the room for 10-15mins to intoxicate the insects with the aerosol. Spraying insecticides is usually short term because the insects become resistant to one particular brand. It is advisable to hire a professional if your pests just won’t get the message.
Household pests pack germs with them and if they are uncontrolled, we go down Effects Of Pesticides On Human Health Ppt with food related illnesses. Make your home pest free with easy solutions.