Helpful Bugs

Most of us, with the exception of boys between the ages of four and ten, wrinkle our noses when someone mentions bugs or insects. There are many bugs that are truly pests such as roaches and red ants. But there are other bugs that are actually helpful bugs. If you take a few moments to learn about the helpful bugs that may be in your yard or garden, you can save money on pest control. Yes, one of natures best pest control method is bugs. You do not need to eliminate these bugs, these helpful bugs will work to eliminate bad bugs in your garden.
In addition to using bugs you can use natures best control – you. You can pick, wash or vacuum pests off plants to control infestations. Pulling weeds also helps get rid of unwanted bugs and helps your garden grown though there are actually some weeds that are beneficial. Deep-rooted weeds such as thistles, pigweeds, and nightshades can bring up minerals from the subsoil that are then carried to the topsoil. When these weeds die and decompose the minerals are there for your plants to use. Deep roots weeds can also create space for water and for roots of less aggressive plants.
Here are some bugs that will exterminate bad bugs in your garden…
Centipedes – Centipedes will kill caterpillars, Products To Keep Your House Clean grubs, slugs and fly larvae and pupae.
Ground beetle – Ground beetle larvae form in the soil and prey on slugs, 4 D For Pest Control root maggots, cutworms, and other pests that live on the ground.
Spiders -. Spiders are amazing at exterminating other insects. Spiders keep the insect population down by feeding on just about anything with six legs. Plus only a very few types of spiders are dangerous to humans.
Lace wings – Green lacewing are awesome predators. Sometimes called “aphid lions,” the larvae of the lacewing can consume an incredible number of also eat scales, motes, caterpillars and othe pests. Larvae hunt for soft-bodied prey, using their curved, pointed mandibles to stab the prey.
Lady beetle or lady bug – these helpful insects are very pretty and their larvae and adult bugs eat soft-bodied insects such as aphids, mealybugs and scale insects.
Minute pirate bugs – Minute pirate bugs usually measure a 1/16th inch long, so it is unlikely you will even see them. They eat aphids, mites, and thrips.