Grapevine Pest Control – 3 Steps to Improve Your Results

Growing grapevines to produce your own wine is a very satisfying hobby, but one thing you need to watch out for is pests which can attack your vines and ultimately destroy your crop. Growing grapes takes time and it will be three years before you are in a position to make your own wine. So you want to be sure to take precautions to avoid pests.
Step#1 Understand the Environment
To keep pests under control it is important to understand the grapevine and which particular pests it is susceptible to. You should also study the soil and understand which plants and animals thrive in it.
Step#2 Take Preventative Measures
There are several types of pest which can attack your grapes and you need to identify these, where possible take preventative measures. Birds can seriously damage your grapes and some of the most common culprits are robins, blackbirds and starlings, which enjoy either taking a whole grape from the cluster or picking Pest Control Assessment Report at the grapes and creating holes. The most common ways of dealing with birds are the use of netting or visual and auditory devices to scare them away. Netting is the most effective but also the most expensive. Deer can also cause problems and so if there are deer in the area, keep them out with fencing.
Step#3 Treatment How To Keep Your House Clean Essay
Insects can cause damage to grapevines and regular inspection and immediate treatment is the best plan to avoid serious problems. You should be able to recognize the damaging effects caused by insects such as the Grape Berry Moth, Grape Leafhoppers, which come in several varieties, and Grape Phylloxera. If these are present appropriate insecticides should resolve the problem if applied early enough.