Garden War

Organic insect control and natural insect control would be a simple if it was not for the insects that invade the ground that you plant your seeds in. Though there Commercial Pest Control Sprayers are beneficial garden insects you must always be on your guard against there evil relatives of those hungry vermin and their endless attacks on your garden.
These warriors of the insect world are easily spotted once you learn there shape, size, and color. A healthy garden will always be enhanced by the amount of personal care that is given to it.
There are a COUPLE of ways TO USE organic garden pest control (YOUR TWO HANDS) HA HA to help aid your garden in its growth cycle – healthy ways that are, without the use of insecticides.
By keeping the soil cultivated and aerated earthworms are sure to enjoy this type of environment, and where the worms reside so does the early birds and worms are not the only thing on their morning menu.
Some insects feed on other harmful insects. Some kinds of ladybugs do this as well. With a helping hand from mister warts himself – that is right, he is a benefit to a garden. The culprit of whom I speak is that wart-riddled frog called the toad! The appetite for insects of this little creature at a feeding is a site to behold. “Hint!” The toad feeds at night. During the day it likes to rest in the humid shade.
The two types of insects are easily spotted by the damage they do to your garden. The caterpillars in all their varieties and, of course, the dreaded locust, singularly known as the grasshopper, and the beetle. There are the slugs, also cut worms, the dastardly tomato worm, all of the variety that likes to eat the young succulent plants.
While the others are more of the vampire-like insects. They like to drink the “life’s blood”, such as lice and mosquitoes, easier to find, I might add, than other family members. Other insects have their favorite vegetable diet as well.
By G.W.Moran Keeping House Clean Working Full Time