Fun Choices in Bathroom Sinks

Fun Choices in Bathroom Sinks

When rehabbing your bathroom, you are always going to be walking the line between function and style. One way to add both, and have fun at the same time, is through your bathroom sink choice. No matter what style theme you want to use in the room, there is going to be a large variety of sink choices that will fit it just fine.

The look of the sink will depend on the style, or you can look on it the other way and start with the sink and have that be the center piece of the decor and style. If you want a sink that will sort of blend in or be an accent to its surroundings, consider going with one of the common choices like an undermount sink or a drop in type of sink. These are sort of old standby choices in the bathroom, with materials like stainless steel or porcelain being the most common.

If you want to have a bit of fun and get outside the box, there are some choices in sinks that you can really go crazy with. If you want to make a center piece to the room, consider something like a vessel bathroom sink. If you have seen vessels then you know they come in a lot of different looks and can be quite beautiful. Material choices are things like glass, copper, granite, and marble. The cost of the sink will depend on its size and material, and also how decorative it is. Many vessel sinks are man made, and those will be more expensive as a rule than production line sinks.

When choosing just what the sink will look like, you have to know what your vision for the finished room is. For example, if you want a modern bathroom look, you can go with something like a clear glass vessel bathroom sink. These are sleek, clean looking, very modern sinks and would be a great choice for a bathroom of this style theme.

As you can see, there are countless ways to go when choosing your bathroom sink. Have fun with it, think outside the box, and when your bathroom is complete you will be more satisfied than you could have ever imagined.