EcoFresh Reviews

EcoFresh makes “green” household cleaning products, as well as a “green” pest control product. The EcoFresh world Pest Control Policy For Nursing Homes headquarters is at 11460 Hillguard Road, in Dallas, Texas. Its products are sold by direct sales distributors.
Its founder, and co-owner, is Michael W. Brandt, a Dallas native. He is also a board certified entomologist. Brandt founded several successful companies. He is a cancer survivor, and his parents and sister were lost to cancer. Now he educates the public about the effects of toxic chemicals.
In 1972, Brandt began to marketing products that were eco-friendly through EcoFresh. Today, EcoFresh products use plant based formulas which leave no residue or smells. Among its products are various cleaners, odor removal products, and a pest control product. Its products are packaged in recyclable containers. They have no added colors or dyes, and biodegrade within 28 days.
EcoFresh products meet or exceed Green Seal and LEED standards. (Green Seal is an environmental certification first issued Pest Control Supplies Missouri in 1992. Other companies with products having the Green Seal certification are Benjamin Moore, Anderson Windows, and 3M.)
This company not only “talks the talk,” but “walks the walk.” It believes in reducing its impact on the environment, and does so in its manufacturing process. EcoFresh also believes that informing people about the health dangers of chemical household cleaners, as well as most pesticides on the market, is important.
EcoFresh products would be great for households, especially those with children, people with compromised immune systems, and people with allergies, or respiratory problems. The products are a bit costlier than most found at your neighborhood stores, but the trade off seems worth the difference.
This is a direct sales company, and their compensation plan appears sound. Before you start, keep in mind that as with any venture, you will need to develop those leadership abilities you already have. It is critical to learn, and utilize the most cutting edge strategies available. If you do this, you will be a success with EcoFresh.