De-Bugging Your Home – Protecting It Against Termites

Almost every people in this planet hate having termites in their homes. This is because they are known for their ability to cause severe damage on any building structures, most especially those made of wood. Surprisingly, they have the ability to destroy your homes foundation without your knowledge simply because of their nature: tiny and unseen.
Because of their destructive nature to almost anything, people do all they can to protect their homes from it. In here, you will learn more about fighting termites and preventing them from existing within your homes.
Take away that nourishes them
Termites would normally exist where their food exists. They work to decompose anything without life; primarily wood. Hence you should learn to store wood and paper product far from your foundation. If there are rotten wood or stumps around your house, it is best to totally remove them or burn them.
Prevent moisture accumulation
Just like molds, termites are moisture loving. Anything damp would normally draw them to your homes. Hence, you should learn to eliminate moisture from your homes. Start by repairing leaks in your home. Another thing you can do is to maintain proper ventilation. Doing so prevents humidity that could precipitate to moisture build up.
Employment of Physical Barriers and Chemical Barriers
The purpose of having physical barriers is to prevent your home from having close contact to the soil and on areas where termites could possibly dwell in. This involves installation of termite shields. Other physical barriers that can be installed are mesh steels that are perfect for homes built on concrete slab.
Some homes use chemical barriers to keep termites from entering. They may be in forms of liquids, dusts or foams and it can be sprayed on areas of infestation. Two chemicals may be organophosphate in nature or synthetic pyrethroid.
Apply strategic landscaping
The purpose of strategic landscaping is to make it more difficult Pest Proofing Your Home for termites to enter your homes. Here are some of the ideas:
1. Avoid planting gardens along the side of your home. Should you decide to do so, the planting bed should be created on the bottom of the weepholes.
2. Weep holes should not be covered or concealed. You should avoid planting on this area.
3. Do selective planting. Maintain a good distance from your homes when planting trees. This help avoid destruction of barriers installed caused by overgrowth of trees.
Have your homes How Often Should Pest Control Be Done inspected
Knowing your home can be the number one defense in protecting it against termites. You will know the appropriate barriers to install in order to have an effective defense against them. Inspection also helps you uncover any hidden agenda of termites. Remember, termites know how to build bridges, meaning they can find their means inside to your home. Frequent inspection allows you to know these kinds of activities and put a stop to it before they open the doors to your home.
You can always do something to protect your homes from termites. Try all of these tips and maintain your home’s integrity.