Cockroach Problems

A cockroach infestation is probably one of the scariest experiences that you can experience. Imagine hundreds of cockroaches, crawling all over your kitchen floor, spread all over your leftover food on the table, scourging around the empty dishes left in the sink and creeping up and down the walls. Creepy thought isn’t it? Well it happens to millions of house owners all around the world, and probably even to you.
By keeping you informed of what you’re facing, you can be sure that it might also never happen to your home. Did you know that there are over 5,000 different Grainger Pest Control species of cockroaches in the world? Among them are the Megaloblatta longipennis, which has a wingspan up to 18cm wide and the Macropanesthia
rhinoceros, which weighs in at 50 grams! Imagine having those running around your house. And the chilling thing is that they have been there, way before your house was even built. They have existed for nearly 250 million years, and have withstood everything that mother-nature and the galactic forces could throw at them, and are extremely resistant to radiation. And you thought that aerosol spray might kill cockroaches.
Cockroaches are omnivores, like us and for the most part they will eat anything organic which are mostly dead or immobile. They rarely bite a human but might nibble on a sore in the middle of the night when an animal is sleeping. Thus, even your pets are not liberated of cockroaches! Cockroaches will even eat the glue off the back of postage stamps and the glue bindings off the backs of books! This is because traditional glue is derived from animal protein, and the cockroach loves the protein. But besides feeding like there’s no tomorrow, is there anything else that a cockroach does? Well, Cockroaches as a group are part of the worldwide food web. Since they are omnivore scavengers, they clean up our environment and help recycle the organic litter that would accumulate if it were not decomposed by organisms which include cockroaches. Furthermore cockroaches serve as food for small mammals, birds, amphibians and lizards. Doesn’t sound
all that bad, right? Well how about if we told you that cockroaches have been associated with the development of childhood asthma and have been known to spread diseases in hospitals? But can’t I get rid of cockroaches naturally you ask? Even as a last resort, swatting them would be a waste of time because
even if you kill one, you might not kill off the entire cockroach nest. Even insecticides can’t help you that much because you can only kill what you can see and also, some cockroaches have grown immune to the effects of the insecticide! (Remember what was said about their invulnerability to radiation?) So, how CAN you kill them?
There is Hope.
Cockroach Sweeper is made from herbs and other natural ingredients. Their toxic level is extremely low as they are made to poison gradually and slowly. The Roach Killer Bait is Safe to Human, Animal and Poultry. When using Cockroach Sweeper,you don’t even need remove or cover food! You also can place Baits in kitchen cupboard!
Cockroach Sweeper uses 3-Steps to wipe out Roaches.
It contains an active ingredient that disrupts roach’s central nervous system for an effective & faster kill.
1. Attraction
Cockroach Sweeper contains irresistible Feed Bait made of herbs and other natural ingredients. It lures roaches to eat, even if you place Baits in areas where there are other rich food source!
2. Poison
After feeding on Cockroach Sweeper, insects fall ill but yet can move 2 to 4 days. This allows them to carry the poison back to their harborages.
3. Infection Mouse Prevention Sound & Wipe out
Once back to their nests, ill roaches will infect the others in the same colony. Within days, the entire population in the nest will be wiped out completely.