Cockroach Destruction

Cockroaches are the dirtiest insects in the planet. They live in sewers, bathrooms, dumpsters and many other filthy places. They also eat almost anything including feces and rotten food. It’s no wonder that they are carriers of dangerous diseases like typhoid fever and dysentery. When you see them in your house, you should be alarmed and do roach control. You can do basic home roach control or hire Tampa pest control.
In any battle, it pays to know the enemy. You would be surprised to know that cockroaches are older than dinosaurs. They have been around for over 400 million years. Their survival is marked by evolution by living in the underworld of things. They also reproduce fast that in a week, depending on resources, you can have a houseful of cockroaches. Cockroaches are most notable for their resilience in even surviving great catastrophes such as atomic bomb blasts and having their heads cut off. They can live another week without their heads.
There are fifty-seven species of cockroaches that live in the United States. The most common species is the Blatella germanica. They are the ones you see in your kitchen and bathroom. Cockroaches are nocturnal but there are instances when they scuttle out for food in the mornings. But when combating cockroaches, you don’t only search for the adults. At any time of the day you can hunt for their eggs. Cockroach eggs are brown in color and oval-shaped. They are unique because in one egg pouch the female cockroach lays, there are 40 eggs inside. Female cockroaches lay two eggs so that means there will be eighty new cockroaches out of there in due time.
How do you keep roaches out of your home? A basic rule in roach control is keeping your house clean. Cockroaches like to live in filthy surroundings. Remember the movie Joe’s Apartment? Cockroaches made Joe’s apartment their nesting grounds, because the guy was too lazy to clean it up.
But there are other things that can attract cockroaches into your home. They are food and water. If you leave your food out in the open, cockroaches will find it and eat from it. If you have leftover food, immediately store it in a tightly-sealed container and put it in the refrigerator. You should also you’re your sink dry. Moisture attracts cockroaches because it is their one source for water.
But how about bathrooms? Keep bathroom entryways lined with boric acid. These will prevent cockroaches from crossing over and can even poison them. You can also put boric acid under you sink, What Kills Moth Larvae in the exterior of your refrigerator, and other parts of your house cockroaches may run though. Just be careful having boric acid around your pets because these can be harmful to them.
An alternative to boric acid would be catnip herbs. Just rub the leaves and put them in areas where cockroaches nest or pass by.
You should also take out your trash every night. Remember, cockroaches eat almost anything. Cockroaches can also survive without food for days too. But like other creatures, they also die from starvation.
If these methods still leave some cockroaches in your home better call the help of Tampa pest control. Tampa Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Bed Bugs pest control employs effective means of cockroach eradication without harming you and your loved ones.