Call For Pest Control If You See These Warning Signs!

Management and treatment of pests becomes much easier if home owners remain vigilant about these warning signs that will tell them that pests are around. Being forewarned is being forearmed- never has this old clich?� been more relevant than for pest control! There are various pests which Cyzmic Cs How Does It Work may decide to share your home uninvited. All these pests have trademark signs that will tell you that they have managed to enter your premises. But by taking these warnings seriously and following up with a call to a reputed pest control firm, you can nip the problem in the bud stage.
Warning signs of different pests:
1. Carpenter ants: They are most likely to found during spring time. They are usually found near water like under the sink, the bathroom pipes or the near the garden tap. Small piles of chewed wood or tiny rectangular windows in wooden structures indicate carpenter ants. They usually forage at night for food so it is rather difficult to spot them during the day. A sagging floor and small tunnels inside wood may also indicate carpenter ants. A faint rustling sound from behind your wall is also indicative of the presence of ants.
2. Cockroaches: Again a nocturnal creature, cockroaches choose to roam at night. If you happen to spot a stray one during the day means there is an infestation somewhere. Other signs of cockroaches include feces in the form of small black pepper like appearance. The amount of fecal evidence often indicates the level of infestation. Another particularly nasty sign is a strong musty odor that indicates roaches in the house. Egg cases that are oval shaped called oothecae can also be found in cracks or between books.
3. Rodents: This category includes mainly rats and mice. They manage to enter through small openings in the wall or around air-conditioners or even through moist water pipes. They make their presence felt by droppings, scuffling and rustling noises and by nail marks over some surfaces. If you happen to spot gnawed wires or insulation, you know you have rats in your home. Out of these droppings are major sources of evidence as rats are known to make about sixty droppings a day.
4. Termites: This deadly pest leaves behind very slight evidence. This may in the form of small piles of sawdust under wood, tiny pin-sized neat holes in woodwork or actually damaged wooden structures. They are rare to spot but spring time is when you may get to get to see some winged termites.
If you happen to see any of these different warning signs in your home, call Organic Pest Management Ppt your local pest control service to inspect your home without delay.