Bugs In Your Hotel Bed: Tips For Recognizing and Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling

Bed bugs have been in the news all across the United States recently, and whether or not your Nebraska town is experiencing the problem your home could be susceptible to infestation; especially if you have traveling plans. Bed bugs are infesting homes, movie theaters, offices and are an especially severe problem for hotels and other commercial lodgings. If you are doing any traveling at all, you should be aware about the possibility of coming into contact with these insects. Because bed bugs are tiny little bugs that only come out at night, it can be very difficult for a bed bug problem to be obvious in a hotel room and it can be very easy to pick up these parasites without even realizing it. Fortunately for travelers, there are ways to avoid picking up these bugs in your luggage while staying in a hotel.
Bed bugs are tiny brown insects; about the size of a piece of confetti, and they can hide just about anywhere. In many cases people will not see live bugs but signs of their presence. Dark brown fecal spots or blood spots on bed linens, shed skins or eggs on or near mattresses and tiny red bites on skins upon waking are a few signs of bed bug activity. To make sure you don’t bring home any unwelcome guests while traveling, take great care to limit contact between your belongings and other items in your hotel room including furniture. When you enter your hotel room, leave your luggage outside of the room while you investigate the room for these biting insects or for signs of them. Bring a small bright Routine Pest Control flashlight with you to look for signs of infestation near the headboard, in areas where carpets meet the wall, underneath and inside night-stands and other furniture in the room. Do not bring your own pillows or blankets to a hotel, as these items could pick up these bugs. Use a luggage stand whenever possible, and keep your suitcase closed when you are not using it. Bed bugs are likely to congregate near the bed, and in upholstered furniture- be sure to keep your luggage away from these areas. Should you find these parasites in your Nebraska hotel room, or even see signs of them, contact the hotel manager immediately, and request to be placed in a new room that is not near the infested room.
When you return home from traveling, keep your luggage outside of your home until you have thoroughly inspected it. If you suspect you may have come into contact with these insects, wash all items in your suitcase in the warmest temperature that is safe to the material, and treat your luggage with an appropriately labeled insect repellent. If you are still concerned that some bugs How To Clean House Fast And Easy may have followed you home, you can contact a pest control professional for an inspection. Pest control professionals have the ability to recognize an infestation and they can use heat to kill bed bugs, as insecticides are not always effective. If you suspect that your belongings may have picked up bed bugs on your most recent vacation, contact a local pest control company today.