Are You Prepared For National Pest Management Month?

Each year the month of April is dedicated to honoring the pest control professionals who help protect homes and families across the country from the threat of pest infestations. National Pest Management Month is a way to raise awareness on the risks that pest infestations can bring. Not only are pests a major nuisance and hard to get rid of, they can cause structural damages, fire hazards, and transmit diseases and other harmful bacteria. So, what can you do to prepare yourself and your home for National Pest Management Month? Educate yourself on all of the common pests in your area and follow the tips listed below to help prevent pest infestations.

Prevention has always been the best way to avoid the risks and threat of home pest infestations. If you are taking steps to pest proof your home and you have a routine pest control service, you will be better prepared to battle the bugs no matter what season and what severity they bring. The majority of pests get into your home simply from finding their own access point, which makes it extra important to pest proof access areas around your home. Follow these tips to help protect yourself from pests:

Seal off any cracks or holes on the exterior of your home. Even rodents can squeeze their way through tiny cracks and holes in your home.

Clear wood debris from your property including sticks, twigs, and fallen tree branches How To Control Household Pests as carpenter ants and termites will be attracted to the decaying wood.

Redirect water sources away from your property because a moist ground is ideal for many pests including termites to thrive. These wood destroying insects can leave you with a major headache and a huge repair bill for structural damages.

Make sure that all windows have screens that fit securely and with no holes or tears. We all love open windows and air flow, but so do small insects.

Remove clutter from your home especially in storage spaces. Attics, garages, and basements are all easy places for critters such as rodents and spiders to hide out in due to the stacks of clutter. When animals create homes in your storage spaces they can quickly contaminate the room with their feces and urine.

Keep your kitchen clean by wiping and disinfecting food surfaces to remove crumbs and other food debris that will attract mice, rats, and cockroaches. Common Vegetable Garden Pests These pests carry many different harmful bacteria and diseases that can be transmitted to you through contact as well as their droppings and urine.

Take the trash out regularly and be sure that it stays stored in bins with tight fitting lids to keep small critters like cockroaches and larger wildlife out.

By following these pest prevention tips you will be well on your way to not only a clean and clutter free home, but one that is free of the bugs we love to hate. It can be very easy for a few critters to sneak in and cause a major infestation, but not when you have eliminated the things they are most attracted to: food, water, and shelter. To honor National Pest Management this month and every other month, help spread the word on the importance of protecting your home and family from pest infestations.