Are You Due for an Air Duct Cleaning?

Having dirty air ducts and dryer vents can add serious health risks and even fire hazards to your living situation. It can also significantly impact the energy usage in your home. If left unchecked, air duct build-up will circulate dust, pollen, animal hair, microbes and other contaminates into the air that you breathe on a regular basis. Dryer vent build up restricts the flow of air from the dryer and results in overheating which can potentially cause a fire. Both of these conditions are severe and can strain your HVAC and dryer vent systems to such a degree that it causes them to work harder, thus wasting more electricity than it should be.
The regular maintenance and cleaning of a home’s air ducts and dryer vents can have a profound impact on several key elements of a residence. The following provides a summary of the key benefits.
Improving Air QualityThe indoor air quality in your household will be improved dramatically with a thorough professional air duct cleaning. HVAC filters trap less than ten percent of dust, dirt, and other Are Pesticides Safe After They Dry harmful contaminants that are drawn through them, so a professional air duct cleaning is the best way to keep your home from being filled with dirty, contaminated air that recycles itself over and over.
This improvement in air and breathing quality is especially essential if there are residents with particular allergy or breathing problems. Having improved air in the home will significantly reduce your chances of suffering from an airborne related illness, and will help you to Exterminator Vs Pest Control live a longer, healthier, and happier life. It is not uncommon for indoor air to be as much as seventy times more polluted than outdoor air because of bacteria, mold, pet dander, dust mites, fungus and pollen that is constantly circulating around in the rooms of your home.
Reducing Energy CostsProfessionally cleaned air ducts can reduce energy costs. In an effort to be more ‘green’ home owners are turning to a variety of different solutions to help reduce their strain on the environment. Green pest control methods and energy saving electronics are being used more and more as people become more aware of the importance in preserving our planet and making a different in both small and large ways. By increasing the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems in your home, you can reduce your energy waste to as little as one fifth of your current level. Also, with a more efficient air system running throughout your home, the need to remove dust from the carpet and furniture takes less time thanks to better, cleaner circulation.
Prolonged Life of Air Duct SystemsBy having your air ducts cleaned regularly, you will be able to prolong the life and usefulness of your heating and cooling system for a much longer period of time. Proper air duct cleaning will help to prevent cracks in the system, as well as deter equipment from malfunctioning. For this reason you should seek a professional air duct cleaning specialist that can provide a thorough inspection of the system, including cleaning and reinstalling the blower motor, housing/assembly, cleaning the evaporator coil, drain and pan, and change air filters that have gone bad. All of this maintenance requires small incremental costs but can save you hundred of dollars in air duct replacement and repair costs in the future.
SafetyEnsuring that dryer vents and air ducts are free of debris and lint is not simply about keeping the air in your home clean. It is also about ensuring your family’s safety. Prolonged build up of these items coupled with a robust heating system can result in fires in the duct work. By scheduling regular duct and vent cleaning, you can have peace of mind that your home and its contents are a little safer.