All You Wanted To Know About The Various Types Of Bed Bugs

People find Climex lectularius, or most commonly known as bed bugs to be one of the most disagreeable house-guest. Numerous residents in US cities like Baltimore (MD) and Brooklyn Park (MD) have complained of these bugs, especially after they return home from a long vacation. In their adult state, the size of these insects is no more than a quarter of an inch. However, these insects can consume a large quantity of human blood in less than 15 minutes which causes their body to fill to as much as 3 times its usual size. A fully engorged bed bug bears little resemblance to its original state and often people mistake them to be some other type of insect.
There are different types of bed bugs; however, they all look mostly the same. Gmp Pest Control Standards The only difference is that all are not found on beds. Some major types are:
1. Common Bed Bugs: This is the most infamous type of bed bugs found all over the world, including numerous homes in US cities like Catonsville (MD) and Baltimore (MD). Although they are commonly found in temperate climate, these insects are also found everywhere in the world. This name is commonly used to signify Natural Pest Control Methods these bugs because these insects have a habit of hiding in crevices of soft surfaces like bed linen and mattresses. Bed bugs mainly feed on human blood; however, they may even feed on blood of other animals. These insects have a life span of 4 to 6 months and the female lays approximately 500 eggs in her lifetime.
2. Swallow and Chimney Swift Bugs: These insects normally feed on the birds from which they have received their names. Since they are found in the nests of swallows and chimney swifts, they are most commonly found in areas where these birds settle.
3. Poultry Bugs: Haematosiphon inodorus, or most commonly known as poultry bugs are another type of bed bugs. These are commonly found in crevices of fences, pens, and farmhouse structures. They primarily feed on blood of chicken and other types of domestic fowl. However, humans may also be bitten by these insects if they spend too much time in the poultry, especially at night time when these insects get most active.
In case you are unable to sleep at night due to these insects and you are looking for an expert to get rid of the bed bugs – Baltimore (MD) and Elkridge (MD) residents are some of those lucky ones in US who can hire professional pest controllers from Atlantic Pest.