Add an Undermount Bar Sink to Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

Add an Undermount Bar Sink to Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

When speaking about having a bar at home, you cannot leave the topic of purchasing and installing undermount bar sinks to make the cleaning of the glassware and bar top easier. Unless you prefer a larger kitchen sink, such a bar sink can also double up as your kitchen sink if it happens that you are having your bar counter in the kitchen.

Before you decide on an undermount bar sink, take some time to consider a very important factor. Installing a sink is not as simple as buying a sofa and position it at somewhere deem fit. A sink is mainly for washing and for washing, you need water. So the basic questions you need to answer is – where will the water come from and where will it go to? A sink is of no use without the source of water. Yes, you need plumbing; the pipe leading to the tap for your source of water and a drain to remove the dirty water. If you have the plumbing near the bar, that is good for you, but if you don’t, you may have to get someone to install it before you go ahead to find a sink.

As long as you have the system of pipes in place, you can take your next step to find a suitable sink. There are at least three types of sinks and I personally prefer the undermount sink though it is the hardest to install. Due to the fact that the sink is mounted and position as the same level as the bar top, the overall outlook of the bar is neater and more pleasant as compare to those sitting on the top of the counter. In addition, it is much easier to upkeep the cleanliness of the bar with this kind of sink.

The most common materials used to manufacture the bar sink are porcelain and stainless steel. Of the two, most people will prefer stainless steel as it is easier to maintain and impressively looking. Stainless steel, as compared to some other metals, is much healthier as bacteria are less likely to grow on it.

Generally, the undermount bar sink is not as deep as that of the normal kitchen sinks. Bar sink is usually smaller in size but they can come in any shapes. They can be round, rectangular, oval or even wine glass shape. Hence, as long as you make sure that the plumbing system is in place, you can get your undermounted sink online very easily.