6 Top Home Protection Tips For While You Are Away

Getting away for the weekend or even longer is wonderful. You come home feeling rested and ready to tackle the world, that is until you find out your home has be broken into. When you leave your home, are you leaving it as an open invitation to thieves or are you doing all you can to protect it?

There are simple things you can do that will help protect your home and its contents from would be thieves while you are gone. By doing these things you give a sense of occupancy to the home, and if you do it right no one would guess you aren’t home. A home that looks lived in is a one that thieves will want to stay away from. Many of these tips seem like obvious things that you would do. However, it is the obvious that we generally overlook.

Stop the mail and newspaper. Of course this is something you always do right? You would be surprised how many people actually forget to do this. It is one of those things that slips from your mind because it is so Best Time To Apply Insecticide obvious. Mail and newspapers piling up are an obvious sign that no one is home. Call the post office and newspaper at least three days before you leave. This will give then adequate time to notify your carriers.

Put lights on timers. Most people leave a few lights on when they leave town, but thieves are pretty smart. If they notice the same lights are on all the time, they will start to suspect no one is home. Your best option is to purchase several inexpensive timers. Plug them in around the house and have them turn the lamps on at different times. Think about your usual patterns. Have a lamp on in the living room in the evening and one should turn on in the bedroom around bed time, etc.

Make noise! That’s right, have some noise going on in your home to make sure things don’t seem to quiet. Put a few radios and televisions on timers and set them up similar to the way you did the lamps. Make sure the radios are on a talk station so it sounds like muffled conversation to someone outside.

Hire a trustworthy neighbor. Having someone come in and open and close blinds occasionally is a good way to make the house look lived in. They can even park their car in the driveway for a few hours at a time to give the illusion someone is there.

Check and double check locks! This also seems like an obvious thing to do, but many times people forget to check windows in little used rooms. Not only does this protect your home from thieves, but also from unexpected weather! I left an upstairs window Horticultural Oil Spider Mites open one day as I ran some errands. I didn’t think anything of it because it was high up. However, a big wind storm came along and blew dirt and dust through that window. Needless to say I always make sure my windows are shut before I go anywhere!

Alert the police and your security company. If the local law enforcement is aware of your plans, they may drive by more often to make sure everything is okay. In addition to police, if you have a home security system make sure the company is aware of your plans as well.

You should be able to enjoy your vacation without fearing a break in at home. Following these simple steps will help you protect your home even when you are far away.