3 Steps to Keep Your Black Sink Shiny

3 Steps to Keep Your Black Sink Shiny

Having black appliances and a black sink looks very nice in a modern kitchen, but the problem is that it only looks nice when they are clean. Fingerprints, smudges and food scraps are very noticeable on a black sink.

Use these easy ways to keep your sink looking great:

1. Always wipe down your sink after you do dishes. This may seem like a lot of work, but it really only takes 5 more seconds and your will have a nice shiny finish on your black sink without smudges or waterspots. Doing this after you use the sink, or at least once a day, will help you avoid doing the deep cleaning.

2. Deep clean your sink regularly. There are many products on the market to clean your sinks, but the most recommended are soft-scrub and windex. If you feel like cleaning with more natural products, some people have had good luck with baking soda and vinegar or rubbing a halved lemon onto the sink and letting it sit. The acid will help loosen any stuck on food and your sink should wipe up quickly.

3. Buff and Polish. If you want to maintain a nice shiny sink, use car polish. I have buffed and polished my black sink and it usually stays that shiny for a least 1 month, sometimes over 2 months depending on its use. Just remember that you used car polish on your sink, so do not place peeled vegetables or fruits directly into the sink without rinsing them before you use them. However, this particular technique works really well.

The benefits of having a black sink are purely aesthetic. Black sinks are difficult to maintain, they really are. But with these few simple steps, your sink can look great, you’ll receive lots of compliments on it, just don’t tell anyone how difficult it really is to maintain.