Protect Your Home Even When You’re on Vacation

It’s getting that time of year, where we all are going to be leaving home for vacation at some point. Let’s How To Keep Floors Clean With Toddlers talk about some things you need to make a priority before you leave the house for the weekend or the week.
*One of times your home is left most vulnerable is when we are off on vacation because we are going to be gone for an extended period of time weather its a week or a weekend. One thing crooks look for is mail or newspapers piling up – this sends a definite message no one is home. Ask neighbors or relatives in town to get these things for you.
*If you have a pet ask someone to go inside open up your curtains or turn on the television or lights while they they take pet for a walk or feed them, this just makes enough of a scene to deter crooks.
*If you have an alarm system make sure the person understands how to arm and disarm it and who to call if they cant disarm it.
*If you have no one to watch the house make it a point to stop Rodent Trapping mail and newspaper delivery for the time you will be away.
*If you have plants on your porch make sure to ask someone to water them while your gone, slowly dying plants is another indicator for crooks that no one is home.
*We always say if you can’t find anyone to watch your home and none of these apply to you, we say go with good old noise makers. No not party favors, invest in things that make noise because even though they they crooks are getting smarter they really aren’t. Investing in a alarm system wired or wireless and even a simple window alarm will deter anyone because to them that sound your device will make means cops are coming. Best thing is you can do this for very little.…