Tips and Tricks on How to Get Rid of Bees

Bees are highly regarded as beautiful creatures in our environment as they contribute to pollination and the production of honey and beeswax. They bring about balance and harmony in nature. They even have a prominent place in mythology. In some countries, larvae of bees are being consumed along with rice. We see how bees are indeed important to our society.
Spring is a special time of the year when flowers bloom making our gardens very beautiful and fragrant. And it is also during these times when we get bothered by the presence of bees. Their presence somewhat scares us. Somehow, the purpose of getting rid of bees boils down to personal safety, and the fearful thought of their sting which induces a lot of pain.
Getting rid of bees must be done in a natural way though, to prevent disturbance in the balance of nature. It is not really necessary to kill them, and here are some of the natural methods you can employ to ward them off your backyard:
• The use of cucumber can ward off bees. It actually has the same effect on most insects. They dislike the aroma released by cucumber. To effectively use this, just spread generous amounts of peels of cucumber all over your backyard. Aside from its being able to keep bees off, your plants become healthy eventually since cucumber makes a good natural fertilizer for plants.
• Bees are naturally attracted to sweet scents. To avoid attracting them to you, refrain from putting on a strong scented cologne or perfume and using air freshener sprays.
• The scent of citronella keeps bees away. You can buy candles that are citronella-scented. This makes bumblebees and honeybees steer clear of your backyard.
• Garlic emits an odor which bees find very unpleasant. Powdered Homemade Bug Killer For House garlic can be spread as dust around locations of bees.
• Since bees are attracted to nice, sweet fragrances, you may use sugar water contained in a basin then leave it on your backyard. Soon enough, the bees appeal to this to the point of getting drowned in the water.
• You can effectively lure bees by making use of a very sweet fruit such as mango. This serves as powerful bait since you are using a natural ingredient. Next is to place the bits of mango on a paper bag and place the Pest Control Technician Resume whole thing far from your home, to a place exactly where you want the bees to go. Do this again for a couple of days, shifting the paper bag with the fruit farther away, until the bees are finally away from your sight.…