Gun Safes: Protecting Your Property and Your Family

Any family who has guns should keep them in a gun safe to protect not only the guns, but the members of the family.
If you have guns of any type, you know that they are an investment. Just like your monetary investments, guns should be protected from harm and these safes provide safety and security. Not only will your guns be protected from theft and natural disasters such as floods and fires, but your family will also be protected from accidents.
Sizes and Shapes
These safes come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. They can be as big as a piece of furniture or they can be small enough to fit in a drawer or the trunk of your car. It is also important to select a safe that is rated for fire protection. If you happen to live in an area that is prone to flooding or you keep your guns in your basement, you should also look for a gun safe that is water proof. Fire proof and water proof safes might cost more than just a simple gun safe, but you are more likely to lose your guns to natural disasters than to theft.
Rated Homemade Spider Spray For House by UL
Gun safes should also be rated by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) to ensure that the model is made of quality materials that really will do what the manufacturer claims. UL also will ensure that the doors in each safe will open and close properly and that the locks will work.
Security Locks: Biometric and Combination
Most gun safes that are designed for home use have mechanical locks that open and close with a combination, but there are many other types of locks that provide the same or better security. The newest safes are open with a fingerprint technology, so you can select only a certain people to open the doors.
Attractive Cabinetry Cyzmic Cs Insecticide Home Depot Hides the Safes
If you have young children in your home, it is a good idea to have the gun safes to keep your children safe from accidents which involves guns. You can also choose to have safes in your home that do not look like a safe, but like an attractive cabinetry. You can also hide your gun safe in the wall behind a picture or in the wall of a closet.
It is a good idea that you protect your investment and your family with well-made gun safes.…

Wall Safes – Hide Your Property Discretely

A wall safe is an excellent way to discretely hide Organic Food Sprayed With Pesticides your valuables like guns, jewelry, and even cash.
If you have valuables like guns, jewelry, and special papers that you want to protect from thieves and natural disasters, wall safesare a perfect choice. A wall safe hides your valuables behind a photo on the wall or in a closet. No one knows the safe is there and if you purchase a water proof and fire proof model, everything in the safe will survive a fire or a flood.
Easy Installation
Wall mounted safes are very easy to install on your own. If you choose to have someone install a wall safe, you should be sure that person is highly trusted or is bonded and insured. If you hire someone to install yours, then that person knows about the location and how to get your belongings.
Hide With Stylish Pest Control Methods Home Artwork
These safes come in a variety of sizes and most can be hidden by artwork that is 24 x 18 and some are even smaller. Most safes are about the size of bathroom cabinets that can be installed in the wall. Many safes do not have much depth, so you will not be able to hide items that are very large. Hand guns fit nicely in these models in the wall.
Install in the Closet
If you install a wall safe in your closet, it is already hidden. Installing a wall safe in the closet is a great idea because most thieves will not look at the walls in a closet; they tend to look at the floor and at shelves.
Hard to Steal
Wall safes are also good ideas because they cannot be easily removed from the wall. So, while a hand gun safe or a small safe can easily be picked up and stolen, these safe cannot be removed from a house very easily. The other types of safes that can be removed from a house are very easy for criminals to open with the proper tools
Hide Your Valuables
Wall safes are excellent ideas for people who have small things, like hand guns, jewelry and other items that they want to keep away from criminal. To be vigilant, these should be installed by the owners of the safes so that strangers do not know where to find valuables in the house.
Most wall safes can be purchased for $300 or less.…

Hand Gun Safes: Small, But Secure

If you own a hand gun, you do not need a large gun How To Keep Kitchen Clean From Insects safe; a hand gun safe will just do the trick.
When you want an easy way to store your gun and access it quickly, hand gun safes are all you need. These are small safes that fit a hand gun and possibly some other very small items like papers or jewelry. The newest hand gun safes is now accessible through biometrics, so only you can open them.
Sizes and Safes
These safes come in a variety of sizes and all of them are small. Some look like small safes with two small shelves inside. Other safes are very small – nanosafes – that simply fit in a desk drawer and would just hold it.
Wall Safes
There are even safes that look like a hotel door handle and lock. This safe attaches to the wall and is opened with a combination. This type has the fastest access of any people or theft because the gun fits in it with the handle within easy reach. This type of safe would be appropriate for people who have to carry hand guns for work. When they return home, they can place the gun in the small safe and as they go to work, they can quickly grab the gun and go.
TSA Certified Safes
If you travel frequently, there are gun safes that are appropriate for traveling on airplanes. These are very small and will fit inside of a brief case and other small carry-on bags. They usually come with a cable to attach it to the briefcase.
Protect Your Children
Buying a safe is a good idea if you have children in your house. If you keep these guns in a drawer, your children could easily find it and thus play with it. This is how most accidents with guns usually happen. If Local Rodent Exterminators you use a hand gun safe, then your children will not accidentally find the gun. If they cannot find the gun, then they cannot accidentally fire the gun. It is practical enough to have these safes in your home.
Strategic Location of the Safes
These safes can be kept in strategic locations so if you are robbed, you can easily access the gun and protect your home and family. Because hand gun safes are so small, many people, even thieves do not even realize they are looking at one. Protect your family and home now!…

Gun Safes For Home Protection

Purchasing a gun safe is a smart investment. Guns are expensive, and are often times irreplaceable heirlooms with great sentimental How To Get Rid Of Bugs In Garden Soil value. Firearms need to be stored to protect from theft, fire, or handling by unauthorized and untrained persons.
When shopping for a new safe, three important features to look for are a superior locking system, fireproof design, and built-in humidifier.
Winchester gun safes sport an interlocking system. Some models have an additional re-locking system that is activated if entry is forced. Firearm safes offer electronic locks or rotary combination dial locks.
Most safes are constructed of heavy, thick, and pry-resistant steel. Various layers and materials of insulation make the gun safe fire resistant up to 1200 or even 1550 degrees.
A built-in electric dehumidifier prevents moisture from occurring inside. Moisture causes guns to rust which can damage the firing mechanism.
Models are available in different sizes depending on the number and size of guns to be stored. It is best to purchase a safe with the capacity to hold more guns than the owner possesses for future purchases.
These safes also come in different weights. The more a gunsafe weighs, the less likely a thief will be able to remove the safe from the home. It is important not to purchase one which is too heavy, which would require extreme measures to position the safe in the home.
Some are also equipped with shelves to store ammunition, Pest Control Supplies Missouri scopes, cleaning kits, or other gun accessories.
Your safe can be bolted to the floor or wall to further discourage theft. Winchester gun safes have passed the Underwriters Laboratories rating system of withstanding attack. Each safe includes its rating number and explanation.
Portable gunsafes are also available for handguns. These safes are a compact version of the larger gun safes. These portable safes also offer fire-resistant, tamper-proof construction and design.
Many firearm safes are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers materials, workmanship, and damage from theft or fire. Some safes may even be replaced if damaged due to burglary.
Winchester gun safe retailers can assist the gun owner in purchasing to meet their specific needs. An effective safe will put the gun owner at ease when away from home by protecting important property from harm or from being wrongfully used to accidentally injure others.…

Home Security: Keep Your Firearms Secure – Three Hidden Gun Safes

It is absolutely no secret that home burglars are looking for items that are easy to sell in pawn shops. That’s why computers, jewelry, and handguns Pest Control Technician Resume are the three biggest targets for home burglars. They are easy to carry out of the home and easy to sell in pawn shops or the black market.
The two biggest threats to keeping your firearms secure in your home is home Pest Control Library burglary and secondly, keeping them out of reach of small children.
Aside from burying your handguns in the backyard the best thing you can do from a home security point of view and a child safety point of view is to get some gun safes. The best ones are a sure way to prevent them from being taken in a home burglary. Hidden safes use the time-tested theory of hiding things in plain sight. That is why they are so effective. It is a proven fact that burglars spend less than 6 minutes in the home so if they don’t find what they are looking for right away they leave.
Every year thousands of handguns get stolen in home burglaries and untold hundreds of people get shot accidentally from unsecured firearms in the home.
Recently a young girl accidentally shot and killed herself in her own home. This is a recent example of how kids can get hurt or killed with unsecured firearms.
Here are three of the best hidden gun safes. First is a set of two books safes. They are matching reddish-brown covers that fit right in with other books on your book shelf. The large book will handle most full-size handguns. The smaller book can handle small to medium firearms. The covers are hardbound and show the book titles on the front and side for good realism.
The second is a book safe also with a combination lock. The locking metal compartment is big enough for most handguns. It has a lock with a combination that you set on your own and is built right into the book safe. It is big enough for other items as well such as cash, jewelry or important documents.
The one is the most popular is the Mantle Clock Safe. It is a fully functioning clock with a quartz movement. It has a magnetically latched front hinged panel that when open reveals an 8″ x 5″ compartment for handguns.
For the best in home protection, home security and child safety get one of these gun safes to secure your handgun and hide it from home burglars.…