Eco-Friendly Pest Control – Perks of Raising Chickens

Did you know that backyard chickens are an excellent form of natural pest control? Homeowners are becoming increasingly likely to keep two or three chickens on their property. From fresh eggs to a consistent source of rich fertilization, there are many benefits to keeping backyard chickens.
Homeowners may not be aware, however, that chickens can act as a living method of eco-friendly pest management. Read on to learn how chickens limit pest infestations, as well as steps you should take before buying chickens for your own back yard.
How Chickens Help Provide Eco-Friendly Pest Control
Chicken scratch: consistent pest management. Anyone who has observed chickens knows that much of their time is spent scratching the earth, looking for food. This is how chickens provide effective pest management – pests will soon be gobbled up by a hungry backyard chicken. For instance, chickens savor ticks, fleas, Japanese beetles and most other insects. Basically, owning chickens is like owning your own army of eco-friendly pest control soldiers.
Slug pest control. Gardeners despise these slimy creatures for devouring their vegetables and plant specimens. In addition to nearly any type of insect, chickens love to eat slugs, making them an excellent provider of eco-friendly pest management.
Disease prevention. Because they eat insects that carry diseases (such as Lyme disease), backyard chickens naturally reduce the chance that your family members or pets will become infected with a dangerous disease.
How to Prepare for Backyard Chickens
Research local regulations on backyard chickens. City regulations may not jive with the advice you get from your local pest control company. Pest management professionals, for example, may recommend keeping chickens near property lines to create a line of defense against pest infestations. However, city regulations around chicken ownership may state that residents cannot build coops within 15 feet of property lines. Take a tip from your local providers of pest control: Check your city’s regulations before buying any backyard hens.
Build a coop. If you’re hoping to raise chickens as a form of eco-friendly pest management, it’s smart to research local approaches to building chicken coops. Coop-building workshops are available Natural Bug Repellent For Plants Vinegar in many cities. Alternatively, you can have a local specialist construct a coop for you. Since chickens are usually bought in the spring, fall is the perfect time to build your new coop.
Locate a feed store. As is well known by the chicken experts at your local pest control company, chickens will not be able to live on insects alone. They will also need to be fed mash or pellets, which should be available in nearby feed stores. Portland, for instance, is home to the Urban Farm Store, which sells several varieties of chicken feed.
Partner with a neighbor for chicken-sitting. One downside to keeping backyard chickens is that they require daily care. Most chicken owners sincerely enjoy taking care of their fowl, but owning chickens can be a challenge when you’re hoping to go on vacation. Hook up with other urban …