An Argument For Natural Pest Control

Usually conversations about using a natural approach to pest control are geared around the health and well-being of the people and animals in the area being managed — like a restaurant, hotel, or even cruise ship. There is always concern about the effects on humans when a chemical approach to pest control is used, as there should be.
However, most of us forget to take into account that chemicals impact people where they are manufactured, not just where they are used. It’s time to consider those people too. An article about the explosion twenty years ago at the chemical plant in Bhopal, India, just came across my desk. What a tragedy! And that kind of accident can happen anywhere.
I have gained a new insight from reading about this tragedy. Did you realize that there were 4,000 people killed immediately, and another 20,000 who were killed from side affects for years afterward? And that hundreds of thousands of people have suffered severe health problems because of the explosion that released toxic chemicals into the air and water?
It occurs to me that if first world countries would reduce their reliance on chemicals for pest control, the production of those chemicals would decline with the demand, and plants would be closed or re-purposed. If plants making toxic chemicals are closed, or re-purposed to non-toxic chemical production, people in third world countries would have reduced exposure — potential Pest Control Methods Ppt and real — to poisons used in pesticides. People in first world countries who live near chemical plants would also be safer from chemicals produced in such plants — chemicals that could be released through accidents or terrorism. There are lots of ways to control pests other than with the use of poisonous chemicals. Lives depend on that alternative approach being used.
With the increase of bed bugs in hotels across the US, it could be unnerving to think about keeping your hotel bug-free without pesticides. Stop panicking! There are natural and organic pest controls and techniques What Scents Attract Bed Bugs coming out daily that will help you keep your hotel bed bug free, or exterminate them if they are already in residence. It’s important to be part of the solution, not contribute to the problem.
Eliminating chemical pest control from your operations will make the world a better place to live. Adopting natural pest control is a step toward creating a welcome habitat to guests. That’s an EcoNomically Sound decision.…

Natural Home Remedies for the Common Household Pests

Almost every resident share their home with unwanted critters, bugs, and insects that are commonly known as pests. There are different kinds of pests that can plague a home, such as rodents, cockroaches, bees, and wasps. For this reason, there are now a lot of pesticides and pest control solution that claims to effectively get rid of these unwanted guests. However, most of these solutions have chemical compounds which are not only toxic to pests but also from human beings and animals. Fortunately, there are natural home remedies for pest control that is proven to be effective and easy to use.

Get Rid Of Stinky Roaches

A lot of residents have roach problems at home. They are probably everyone’s most hated Termite Control Near Me pest. Thankfully, there are certain home remedies to prevent this infestation.

You can mix four parts borax acid powder, two parts flour, and one part cocoa powder. Place the concoction in a continuous line along cabinets, walls, under sinks, and other areas where you have seen roaches.

You can also sprinkle boric acid lightly in places where roaches congregate. However, be sure to keep it out of your children’s reach and away from beloved pets.

Another tip is to combine Tabasco sauce with water and pour the mixture inside a spray bottle. If you have a more serious infestation, you can make a stronger solution.

Lastly, you can also scatter fresh bay leaves throughout your house.

Repel Rodents

Rodents, such as rats and mice, are among the most common pests in many households. It is vital to immediately take action once you find one or two rats in your home since these pests are carriers of deadly diseases and viruses. Here are some methods to get rid of these annoying critters.

Mousetraps: A lot of people may think this method is inhumane, but this method is a safe way to rid your property of rodents. There are also electrical traps that can eliminate rats and mice without the need to use poisons.

Mint Leaves: Mice hate the scent of mint leaves or peppermint and mint oil. You can leave mint leaves where you have seen mice. You can also consider planting mint leaves outside your house. A mouse won’t be attracted to a home that smells like mint; thus, this is also a good prevention method.

Mothballs: Rats also have a natural aversion to the smell of mothballs. These critters won’t stick around your house if you place mothballs in the corners of your garage, attic, basement, and other places where mice and rats might live. If you don’t like the smell, you can leave them in kitchen drawers or underneath appliances.

Avoid Getting Stung Mouse Prevention Sound By Bees And Wasps

The best method to prevent these insects from nesting near your property, you must call for a professional exterminator. They can safely and effectively get rid of bees for you. You can also make fake wasps nests and place them in your backyard. …

Natural Pest Control for a Happy Garden

If you are an avid gardener who loves the fresh vegetables your garden produces, there is nothing as discouraging as finding that your tomatoes have all been eaten by pests, or infested before you even figure it out. At this point it is only natural to get upset enough to take the easy way out and spray your garden with pesticides that will definitely kill the bugs, but can be incredibly harmful to the environment and incredibly expensive. Most amateur farmers are turning to all natural products these days, because going green is getting more popular and important, and also because it is cheaper and ultimately more effective.
The majority of those with gardens think that utilizing all natural pest control methods at once is the best way to have a healthy garden. The term for this is IPM, or integrated pest management. It is defined as a combination of making sure plants get enough water, light and food, using physical barriers, attracting animals that eat pests, and planting vegetation that attracts the pest’s natural predators. In the end it means that your garden will no longer rely on chemicals but will have an ecosystem that is balanced and in harmony with the plants and animals around it.
The key to remember is that we are going for balance. After all the organic methods of pest control are in place, we will be left with a perfect balance of non-harmful pests, plants and natural pest control methods. Chemicals, fertilizers and overplanting are what we are trying to avoid, because these affect a garden’s health and harmony.
The easiest natural pest control method is also one of the most difficult to implement. These controls include physical objects, such as fences, netting, wires, and more. This can also include keeping slugs away by using a torch when it gets dark, or placing copper or gravel near plants that slugs like to eat. There are also certain pests, such as centipedes, which like to hide under rocks or stones. Removing these will get rid of them because they will have nowhere to sleep.
Using certain plants to attract pests away from other plants is a fairly simple pest control method. This can either involve planting certain plants that are not fruit-bearing that will give the pests something to munch on, or you can do research and plant resistant strains of vegetables, or even vegetables that mature at times different than the life-cycle of pests that feed on them.
Attracting wildlife that eats pests is one of the newest and least utilized pest control methods, but it is very effective. This can mean putting bird feeders out to attract certain species of bird that feed on pests. This is key to a balanced ecosystem in your garden, because it means you will have the perfect amount of pests for the amount of wildlife you are attracting.
Keeping your plants healthy and well fed is also very important. Plants that are undernourished and unhealthy are …

Natural Pest Control Granules

Pests can be categorized into industrious animal in that they never stop to work along the year. Moreover, they can work harder every summer in that their metabolism increases. Certainly, this will cause some problem for people who do not know how to handle them or people who do not consider Exterior Rodent Control their existence. There are various pests that you can find around your house such as cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and water bugs. Some of the pests can live side by side with people because they do not carry diseases. However, they can also be harmful because they carry diseases.
Cockroaches, for example, are one of pests that carry diseases. The shape of this animal is usually oval with small head and six spiny legs. They can run fast in any kind of surface with these six legs. In addition, cockroaches actually have wings but some of them do not use the wings for fly. Male and female cockroaches can be distinguished by their two raised horns around their thorax. Their eggs are usually oval and dark brown in color. There is a similarity between young and adult cockroaches. However, young cockroaches usually are lighter in color and they do not have wings.
In addition, mosquito is also transmits diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Similar to termites that have been living since the era of dinosaur, mosquito has been around in the world for more than 144 million years. In addition, mosquito has four life cycles from egg, larval, pupal to adult. Biological Pest Control It is noted that at there is approximately 3,500 species of mosquitoes. However, they share a common physical appearance in that their body is around 15 millimeters and 2 milligrams in weight. Only female mosquito bites humans or warm-blooded animals to suck blood in order to develop their eggs.
If you are very annoyed with the presence of various pests, you might want to consider Natural Pest Control Cedarcide. This product is made of red cedar hardwood which is commonly found in east central Texas. This product’s granules contain high concentrates of aromatic red cedar oil which is very effective in combating the insects. You can use this product to combat fleas, mosquitoes, roaches, flies, scorpion, and venomous snakes. You should not worry with friendly insects such as butterflies or pollinating bees because this product has been tested and declared safe. You just simply sprinkle in areas that you desire to repel the insects while you can enjoy exciting aroma of red cedar.…

The Safe and Natural Way to Kill Ants

We have all experienced the nasty little buggers. Ants can be a major pain, and even a life threatening situation to certain people that have an allergic reaction to ant bites, and because of this, ants have been known as killer ants. It simply does not seem probable of such a tiny little thing as an ant, but their best defense seems to be their huge numbers. They tend to multiply swiftly, easily, and immediately. They can actually dominate a yard in the event that they are left to themselves. A little youngster who by accident falls into a fire ant bed and becomes immediately covered in them will be in agony and pain, and in some cases may even need to be rushed to an emergency room. A dying animal can easily be overtaken by them and utilized as a food source, quite the disturbing thought.
Ants consume a large range of things. They are not nearly as fussy as many of us humans when it comes to their dinner choices. They do not even require silverware! They can carry large volumes of food in comparison to their body sizes.
It is human nature to immediately grab a can of ant spray or a bag of granules and commence walking the yard to search for their colonies. If you have resided in places like Texas and Louisiana, you realize that ant beds can become massive. The fire ants are hostile and dangerous. It is much better to control an infestation than to wake up one day and realize that your residence now belongs more to the ants than to you.
Occasionally pesky insects may become immune to the chemical compounds sold on the market. Ant bait and ant poisons can lose their usefulness due to overuse and many years of battling the very same poisons over and over again. The chemicals may furthermore bring about harm to various other insects and animals. In case you do not store them appropriately, your children may become poisoned by them as well.
Though it is true that many natural insecticides could be harmful as well, they are less hazardous regarding our environment and less dangerous overall than chemical poisons, particularly if you understand precisely how to use, mix, and also store them properly.
Natural or organic insecticides are those which come from natural resources. Boric acid, which is actually a form of the mineral boron, is actually applied on ant beds. At times it is blended with other things such as sugar and boiling water. It can also be mixed as borax soap with sugar and water and is safe to work with around pets and small children. Several people spread it along the entry points in their residences, apartments or campers.
One more natural insecticide to utilize for controlling ants is cayenne pepper, made into a liquid and applied as a spray, it is quite effective. Some people actually grow their own pepper plants just for this intent. Best Time Of

Mites Treatment – How to Make Your Own Natural Insect Repellent

Summer definitely makes me happy. I love to swim, watch baseball, and the fact that I don’t have to wear socks for the next four months. But if there’s one thing that I don’t look forward to during summers, its well, the bugs. Insect bites are painful and dangerous so going outside to explore especially in a wooded area should be taken with an extra precaution of putting on insect repellents.
However, insect repellents are neither eco friendly and are laden with so many chemicals. A lot of these are made with DEET, a substance which is very effective in warding off insects but not something that you want to be floating in your bloodstream, which is where it ends up after you spray it on your skin. The wonderful thing is, there are several natural insect repellents for those who want to protect themselves from bug bites and harmful chemicals.
Try to search in Google for “do it yourself insect repellent” and you’ll get more than your fair share of useful recipes. In a lot of these resources, the main ingredient is alcohol (either the sterilizing kind or the one you drink) and other essential oils.
Here’s one recipe that people How To Keep Bugs Away From House At Night highly recommend:
1 cup of grain alcohol (preferably organic), vodka or witch hazel;
30 drops of essential oils (lavender, citronella, rosemary, rose geranium, lemon or tea tree oil) – pick only one or a combination of two
Put all ingredients into a spray bottle, shake well and spray generously on your skin before going outside.
This recipe is also useful in warding off ticks, fleas, wasps and other pests. Remember to place this natural insect repellent in a dark bottle away from heat and sunlight.
You may also put a small amount of essential oils directly on your skin. Try to put more in your elbows, the backs of your knees and the backs of your ears as well. But remember to test a small sample on your skin first to see if you may have some allergic reactions to it.
If you prefer to buy your natural insect repellent instead of making it, there are several varieties available in the market. You can try so many other over the counter remedies which are actually safe for kids and are natural and Organic Home Pest Control DEET free. These two things are very, very important in making sure that the health of your friends and loved ones are not put into jeopardy because of the toxic chemicals found on just any other pest control available out there.
Another very significant factor is the mites problem that is very big, especially this season. One might wake up in the morning and find that a sudden headache occurs, or people start to have a harder time breathing. Dust mites can become the problem and cause of this occurrence. The right treatment, organic mite treatment, should be used to avoid …

Natural Steps to Avoid Pest Problems at Home

If you’re looking to avoid pest problems now or in the future it is often possible to implement a wide-range of simple and safe natural steps, which eliminates a need to rely on the more chemical and toxic based treatments. Here are several of the natural steps to protect the home against a potential pest or bug infestation:
Clean the Home: A simple step to avoid inviting pests into the home is to make sure it is kept clean and tidy. Vacuuming and dusting regularly will go a long way to maintaining the inside of the home which means it is less attractive for the pests. The kitchen area is one place that requires regular attention. Cleaning the cellar or loft area is also highly advisable. If the time and effort is put in to maintaining the cleanliness of the home and you don’t give any pests a place to stay or have somewhere to drink or eat, there is less likelihood of the critters appearing in the first place.
Block Entry Points: If you are able to block any potential entry points into a home then there is likely to be a lot less pests or bugs inside the home. Inspecting cracks, holes, or passageways, can go a long way to stopping the unwanted critters getting in. A common place for insects to enter the home includes around ill-fitting doors or windows. So it helps if you’re able to make sure Homemade Bug Spray For Indoor Plants the seals around these areas are tight-fitting and secure. Search for cracks or holes in a properties foundation or walls. Even the smallest gap can present itself as a perfect entry point for a range of uninvited guests. A further common place of entry is the areas where pipes travel through the walls or foundation. It will greatly help to block any sizable gaps in these areas.
Inspect the Outside: Inspecting the outside areas of the home is also highly beneficial in the process of keeping invading pests away. It helps to regularly search for trails, nests, mounds or similar signs of insect activity. If any of these are detected it benefits to take the necessary action to identify the Natural Pest Control Methods In Agriculture pest and eliminate it. If you feel comfortable dealing with the problem yourself then you can often take the necessary steps to rectify the problem. However, if it seems like a more sizable job then it benefits to call on the services of a professional pest control service to make a home pest-free and safe.…

Why You Should Seek Out Natural Pest Control Services

One of the worst things that you and your family can deal with is pests. Of course, they can come in different varieties. You can have rodents and roaches roaming your garage; spiders crawling at your shed and in your garden; fleas hopping and flying about; and other types of natural pests that bother your family’s well-being and health. Instead of using chemical pesticides to get rid of them, you might want to consider using natural pest control.
Natural pest control offers a lot of advantages. First of all, it helps you get rid of the unwanted pests without the use of chemical based pesticides. Without these chemical pesticides, your family, your pets and even your plants can be protected. You do not need to subject your loved ones and your property to harmful fumes and chemicals that can stay long after the treatment.
Natural pest control is preferred not just by families who are bothered by household pests but also those who grow fruits and vegetables. We all know that chemical based pesticides can adversely affect plants and produce. If chemical pets control is used, then the fresh fruits and vegetables that you have hoped for will all be contaminated. As a result, our health can be compromised.
When seeking for natural pest control services, you have to be open about your preferences and your expectations. If you have no idea what a pest control company uses, then it is better to ask about the procedure and the products that they will be using. Pest Control Corrective Action This is important because some companies claim to use the natural approach but still make use of pest removers that can be harmful to the health. Before a procedure begins, it would be best to first ask your questions so everything is clear.
Opting for natural pest control can also help the environment. We all know that Mother Nature is already battered as it is. We have no more use for products and procedures that can make it more damaged. If you care about the environment and if you want to save what you can of nature, then you would approve and prefer natural pest control measures.
If you are bothered by household pests or farm pests, then you should of course take action so that these beings will no longer proliferate. They can cause much damage not just to plants and natural produce but they can also harm family members by bringing diseases and discomfort. Also, pests are known to bring damage to property. If you care much about the place you live in, then you would want Easy Way Pest Control to seek for pest control services. If you want to protect your family from diseases and illness, then you should promptly act before the problem gets worse. Of course, in the end, you will meet your goal of eliminating such pests without any harmful side effects, if you use natural pest control methods. You can easily contact companies …

Organic Garden – Develop a Natural Pest Control

Organic gardening is widely considered the healthiest way to grow food. The lack of chemical fertilizers and pesticides leave produce non-toxic, as nature intended.
The bugs will think so too, as gardens can be overrun by pests. Since using commercial pesticides is outside the bounds of consideration, organic gardeners need to be a little bit more creative.
Debugging What To Do After Pest Control Sprays the Bugs
The most natural way to get rid of garden pests is to first find them. They need to be plucked from the plants and banished. Consequently, most organic gardeners become “entomological hit men” – they find the bugs and rub them out.
Plants in your organic garden should be checked daily for bugs or signs of their destructive activity. Most garden eaters feed during daylight hours, making them much easier for you to spot. There are other pests, though, that feed late and through the night, which adds a challenge to the hunt and pluck approach.
Bring on the Bacteria
Bacteria comes in two forms. There are the types that can make person sick while others are actually beneficial. The helpful bacteria can be used as a natural way to attack garden pests invading your organic garden.
Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is one option that can be used by organic gardeners to stop the invading bugs. This bacteria-based solution is spread onto the leaves and right into the center of plants. Any insect that eats the leaves becomes poisoned, shortly thereafter turning its little legs to the sky.
Bt is a natural product, so it fits under the standards of organic gardening. It is specific to insects, making birds, walking animals and humans all safe from the deadly side effects.
Neem Them
Neem is another product organic gardeners can use to protect their produce. It is made from the seeds of Neem fruit and sprayed on the leaves of your plants. After the insects eat the leaves, this product disrupts their hormonal system.
When applied during the larvae stage, these bugs will never mature to adulthood. Their larvae will die without leaving any progeny to feast off your garden. Unfortunately, this Termite Control Near Me product washes off in a rainstorm. So during the spring in particular, it needs to be applied regularly. The summer months are drier and thus better for Neem longevity.
Bugs that eat through your garden are never fun – well, unless you enjoy torturing insects. Organic gardening can make the experience a bit worse because there are so many constraints on bug control. As a result, organic gardeners who are vigilant and creative have the best chance of harvesting the produce they are working so hard to enjoy.…

Organic Home Pest Control – The Natural Way to Keep Bugs Away

When it comes to ridding your home of pests, organic home pest control is the best choice. No need to expose yourself or your family to the toxic chemicals which are found in synthetic pesticides when there are enough organic methods to do the job well. Everyone has pests, such as insects, mice, and even squirrels and chipmunks which can always find a loose board somewhere and wiggle themselves in through a crack in a basement wall or in the space around the bathroom pipes.
If you look up exterminators in the yellow pages, you are going to find numerous ads trying to convince you that pest control is best done by their company, using powerful chemicals to rid your home of these nuisances once and for all. But, think about it carefully before allowing toxins to be applied within your house or yard. With what we know today about pesticides and their negative effects on human health and the environment, we need to be more careful than ever before.
You have more options now than ever in choosing organic methods of pest control. There are all kinds of insecticide soaps and sprays that can kill household insects without being toxic to humans. Plus, synthetic pesticides kill the good insects along with the bad. Today, it is easier than ever before to find exterminators who are dedicated to using only organic approaches to pest control. There are also things you can do as well to eliminate home pests.
Let’s see what works to eradicate a few common insects:
All ants have a sweet tooth, so when it comes to controlling ants the first thing to do is eliminate their favorite foods. If ants are getting into sugar or cake mixes in the cupboards, place the foods in plastic bags and move them somewhere the ants can’t reach them. You could even buy a plastic storage container with a cover to use until the ant infestation has abated. Clean all kitchen surfaces so there are no sweet spills or crumbs.
Wash all surfaces with an ammonia cleanser. This will get rid of any residue that may still attract ants plus they don’t like the smell. Look for places where ants can get in the house and seal up the cracks. Spreading cayenne pepper across entry points will stop the ants from entering. They will never cross a line of cayenne pepper. Flour mixed in with borax can be spread everywhere to kill ants. Don’t use borax if you have young children or pets as eating it can be fatal. Other natural ant deterrents which you can spread around are grounds from coffee, and mint tea or you can spray with garlic or lemon mixed with water.
The number one way to get rid of fleas each day is to vacuum at least once. Boiling lemon in water, letting it sit overnight, and then spraying or sponging it onto your dogs or cats is said to kill fleas. With fleas, …