Pest Control Services – Killing Dangerous Black Widows Dead

Black widow spiders can be found in all four deserts of the American Southwest, including the Sonoran Desert where Phoenix is located, making pest control services Organic Pest Management Ppt especially important in this area. Phoenix Arizona’s arid, desert Southwest climate and urbanization provides an ideal environment for these spiders to flourish.
There are different types of widow spiders, and all of them are venomous to varying degrees. You can recognize the black widow spider fairly easily: the female black widow is about 1.5 inches long and shiny black, usually with a reddish hourglass shape on the underside of her abdomen. She can produce 4-9 egg sacs in a summer and each egg sac contains an average of 300-400 spiderlings. That’s a lot of brand new black widows running around! Each home built in the Phoenix area provides viable shelter and food options making prevalent pest in the Phoenix Metro area. Professional pest control services are very effective in keeping the population down.
Reaction to a black widow spider bite varies depending on where you’ve been bitten. The venom of a black widow spider is particularly dangerous because you usually cannot feel the bite when it occurs. By the time a person discovers he or she has been bitten, Side Effects Of Pest Control Chemicals the site can already be infected. Symptoms of a black widow bite are fainting spells, difficulty breathing and speaking, vomiting, a low pulse rate, and a cold body. These symptoms can last 4 to 5 hours or can lead to a coma although this is very rare.
These are most often found low to the ground and most often found near the foundation of the home, corners low to the ground, base of plants and perimeter block walls. Proper pest control services will target these nesting areas during each treatment; eliminating current and prevents these areas from becoming new nesting sites. Service should also include knocking down any webs and inspecting to find active spider webs.…

Killing Ourselves

We are killing ourselves.
We have to face it… we’re killing ourselves. In our attempt to kill them, we are killing… ourselves. Every day we douse tons of chemicals on our world to control them. Every day we pour more and more into our environment and for what? Are we winning or are they?
They, in this case, are insects. These tiny invaders in our world have evaded our attempts at control and have flourished. We have used chemical warfare on creatures 1000 times smaller than ourselves and have lost.
These small pests still invade our food, our farms and our homes. They bring disease and much suffering. They have defeated us… that is until now.
Now the world knows about natural ways of insect control.
The world really has known about natural ways for some time, but it is only now that we have come to realize what we’ve “done” to our world in our attempts to rid ourselves of insect pests. Only now do we realize that we have come to the brink of eliminating ourselves in the process of eliminating insects.
Diatomaceous Earth, a mouthful to say, is often just called DE. It is the miracle substance that gives humans a chance in this war of the worlds. DE gives us the advantage in the fight against insects.
DE is really the exoskeletons of microscopic sea creatures that died eons ago. These skeletons collected on the bottoms of now gone sea beds. Now, thousands of years later, we’ve unearthed these deposits.
DE looks like flour and is sometimes nicknamed Earth or Shell Flour. This fine white powder is really the crushed skeletons of Diatoms, those long ago sea creatures, and is totally harmless to plants, fish, animals or even people. It is however, deadly to bugs.
Insects have the unique ability to develop immunity to chemicals, thus forcing the chemical producers to create more and more toxic compounds to kill them. Unfortunately in the process, these “super toxic” compounds poison all life on the planet as well. Insects evolve resistance to even the most deadly of these chemicals and carry on, while life around them dies. There is a reason cockroaches are one of the oldest living life forms on earth.
Scientists have tried using genetics as a means of control, altering the genetic dynamics of plants, of animals and even of the insects themselves, in an attempt Commercial Pest Control Sprayers at gaining that control. Yet… the unknown side-effects of altering the very core of life is not known, we may just be creating super monsters or super bugs.
We do have an all natural, non-toxic means at our disposal.
Diatomaceous Earth is chemical free. It is basically silica which is a natural desiccant and it kills insects by drying them out. Insect can’t evolve a way to stop Is Pest Control Safe For Humans Diatomaceous Earth, they have no genetic way of avoid the drying process. DE will destroy any and all bugs, killing the …