Four Pests That Invade Our Homes Regularly

Our homes are our place of refuge and there are critters and insect pests that seek refuge in them too. The most common home invading pests are termites, carpenter ants, roaches and silverfish. Calling a professional pest control company is a must when it comes to protecting your property from damage and your family from harmful diseases.
Large, black carpenter ants love to build their nest in wood, some times in your home’s structure, but usually in rotting wood debris around the outside of your home. Look for tunnels in they create in the moist wood. They are smooth looking. A professional insect exterminator will eliminate the colony, preventing damage to your home.
In the sunny south, termites, which resemble ants, are the most destructive of all the pests that invade your sanctuary. Look for the dirt tunnels they build around you house foundation. In some advanced cases, they cause damage to Best Pest Management Services furniture, shelves, carpets, and insulation. We have seen cases where they ate the pages of books on the book shelf. Homeowners should call a professional exterminator to apply chemical pesticides and or a termite bait system.
How many times have you turned on the light in the bathroom to be surprised by a silverfish in the tub. You’ll find them in dark, wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. They will destroy wallpaper and similar products if allowed to reproduce into a full blown infestation.
Cockroaches love you home as much as you do and can pose a significant health hazard. They like dark areas so look in cabinets and under appliances. To exterminate them you should hire a pest control professional because How To Keep Kitchen Pest Free of the potentially dangerous nature of the chemical used to treat the living areas you share with them and because an exterminator will show you how to keep them from gaining a foothold in your home again.…