Looking For an Effective, Organic Insect Control?

As a home gardener, I’ve turned away from the mass-production of food as much as possible. With rising concerns about food safety, environmental impact and soaring prices, my family and I have decided to grow as much food as possible in our backyard garden.

There is a plethora of information available on home gardening, from books and magazines to the Internet and clubs. Rodent Control Cost The information can be overwhelming. I’ve found the best way to learn is to dig right in and learn from mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is not protecting my family’s crops from pests. I opted to keep our garden organic and not use any pesticides, but the insects ate more of my organic garden than I did.

What To Look For When Selecting Insect Control

In attempt to keep our crops safe, I started researching online to see what organic pest control solutions were available. The insect control solutions had to meet my following criteria:

USDA-National Organic Program Compliant


Easy to Use


No Lasting Effects on the Soil


Many of the insect control solutions I found met some of my criteria, but not all. Many did not kill a wide-range of insects. Others were tedious. One product, EndAll Insect Killer by Safer Brand, was the clear winner in my online research.

An Organic and Effective Insect Control Product

EndAll Insect Killer is highly effective at combating pests because it kills insects in all stages of development, from egg to adult. Moreover, it was the only insect control I could find that not only killed the insects that were attacking my plants, but also 44 others.

EndAll Insect Killer eliminates 45 different insects, including including various beetles (even Japanese beetles), aphids, Sample Pest Control Program For Food Industry caterpillars and larvae (including gypsy moth caterpillars and tent caterpillars), mealybugs, stink bugs and more.

USDA-National Organic Program compliant and Organic Materials Review Institute-listed® for organic gardening, EndAll Insect Killer is safe to use in the home garden. It leaves no traces on plants and completely breaks down in the environment to elements nature and my plants can use. It is so safe it can be used up-to-the day of harvest to keep plants protected during the entire growth period.

EndAll Insect Killer comes in a ready-to-use spray, unlike some other insect control products that require mixing or your garden hose. And, it’s economical. This is the product I’ll be using on my next organic garden!…

Electric Bug Zappers – High Tech Insect Killers

Beginning with the basic fly swatter, anti-pest products have come a long way. Nowadays, a lot of gadgets have been invented to alleviate all sorts of flying insect infestations. And it’s Mice Keep Coming Back no wonder that so many companies are continuously updating their products to make life easier for us and make it a lot harder for the insects. And this isn’t that surprising really.
The market has been as competitive as ever for these companies, and the people have benefited from this. Other than the usual products like lotions and mosquito coils, now people can also avail of moth balls and electronic insect repellents. Among the new options, another notable product are electric bug zappers. This new innovation has changed the way people look at anti-pest products and how they use them.
No doubt, electric bug zappers might be the best products to ever come out of from manufacturers specializing in pest control. It’s new, it’s innovative and it’s undoubtedly useful. And there are a lot of reasons why people have continually preferred these products among the other ones in the market. One of the reasons of course is because electric bug zappers can come in different varieties. The two more known types are the electric fly swatter and the stationery bug zapper. Whether you like it hanging from your ceiling or you want to swat the bugs yourself, the zapper allows you to choose how you can eliminate those pesky insects in your area.
Another reason is the affordability and comfort that the zappers bring to the table. Unlike lotions wherein you have to apply it over and over every time there are insects, electric bug zappers do not require you to do any of that. And no matter what kind of device you choose, no doubt, it will provide you with the same effectiveness as any other ointment. Along with that, these electric insect killers are also affordable. Other repellents out there require you to buy new batch every time you finish one. With a bug zapper, you either just find a plug or buy new batteries. Again, it all depends on what kind of zapper you are intersted in purchasing.
Also, keep in mind that these electric bug zappers are not going to be as messy as other products. They just burn the insects Easy Way Pest Control to death unlike others that use chemicals and substances to eliminate any pests. Its a hassle-free way for anyone!
No matter how convenient and efficient these electric bug zappers are, it still needs a bit of maintenance. And it isn’t that hard really. Just keep them away from water, as the zappers can cause electrocution. Another is to turn it off every time the gadget is not in use. Continuously running electricity across the screen might cause it to malfunction in the long run. Also, keep in mind that you still need to clean these zappers. Whether its the racket-type or the ceiling-hanger-type, you still need …

Dealing With Perimeter Invaders – Insect Control

Arthropods and other insects are called perimeter or occasional invaders; they enter structures in large numbers. They come to your home to invade for resources. Occasional invaders of such can become an irritation; most would bite you, some would pinch, damage plants or indoor furnishings, damage fabrics, can even secrete foul odors. These insects may die in time but their death can also become food for other pests and even their presence can cause allergic responses from a person. If you want to save yourself from a number of headaches, then apply some insect control.
Insects, arthropods, or mites, are occasional invaders which are naturally found outdoors, but in cases of unlikely outdoor circumstance, that is when they consider indoors. One way of getting rid of them Mouse Poison No Smell naturally is using a good way of indoor pest control and that is making the indoor environment as inhospitable to pests as possible. There are steps in preventing all types of occasional invaders;
Exclusion – this is the first step of prevention by using screen, cloth, caulk, or anything to seal cracks or gaps in the exterior of a structure to block possible entry points. Entry points are often found in under sign, around doors and windows, vents, foundation walls, utility lines, etc.
Habitat modification – this is the second step in controlling infestation. You can place a barrier about 2 to 4 feet that is made of inorganic material such as rock, gravel, etc. it is essential that you use only inorganic materials as any organic materials that you use as a foundation can be used as a home for the occasional invaders. Organic materials retain moisture that is a very suitable habitat for occasional invaders, some of the organic material that you should not use as a barrier is soil, leaves, bark, mulch, ground covers, and grass; they will provide food and shelter for the occasional invaders. You should also check on the leakage in your home; leaky faucet can attract occasional invaders and other pests as this can also provide moisture and can be their source of water.
Mechanical control – this is the third step in controlling infestation. When the number of the invaders has grown to a significant number, mechanical Organic Pesticides For Agriculture measures should be taken. Remove these invaders by locating their hideout and using a vacuum cleaner. Seal and dispose the bags right after.
Chemical control – when all else fail, this is your last resort. This is the fourth step in controlling infestation. Far from the usual method, total-release aerosols or also known as “foggers” or “bombs” are of no use against occasional invaders because these may not penetrate well enough to reach the hide out of these invaders. As often recommended, pesticides are the best weapon against occasional invaders. Pesticides for lady beetles and boxelder are often applied directly to the crannies or nooks to penetrate to their hide out. But this pesticide does not work best for infestations …

Mites Treatment – How to Make Your Own Natural Insect Repellent

Summer definitely makes me happy. I love to swim, watch baseball, and the fact that I don’t have to wear socks for the next four months. But if there’s one thing that I don’t look forward to during summers, its well, the bugs. Insect bites are painful and dangerous so going outside to explore especially in a wooded area should be taken with an extra precaution of putting on insect repellents.
However, insect repellents are neither eco friendly and are laden with so many chemicals. A lot of these are made with DEET, a substance which is very effective in warding off insects but not something that you want to be floating in your bloodstream, which is where it ends up after you spray it on your skin. The wonderful thing is, there are several natural insect repellents for those who want to protect themselves from bug bites and harmful chemicals.
Try to search in Google for “do it yourself insect repellent” and you’ll get more than your fair share of useful recipes. In a lot of these resources, the main ingredient is alcohol (either the sterilizing kind or the one you drink) and other essential oils.
Here’s one recipe that people How To Keep Bugs Away From House At Night highly recommend:
1 cup of grain alcohol (preferably organic), vodka or witch hazel;
30 drops of essential oils (lavender, citronella, rosemary, rose geranium, lemon or tea tree oil) – pick only one or a combination of two
Put all ingredients into a spray bottle, shake well and spray generously on your skin before going outside.
This recipe is also useful in warding off ticks, fleas, wasps and other pests. Remember to place this natural insect repellent in a dark bottle away from heat and sunlight.
You may also put a small amount of essential oils directly on your skin. Try to put more in your elbows, the backs of your knees and the backs of your ears as well. But remember to test a small sample on your skin first to see if you may have some allergic reactions to it.
If you prefer to buy your natural insect repellent instead of making it, there are several varieties available in the market. You can try so many other over the counter remedies which are actually safe for kids and are natural and Organic Home Pest Control DEET free. These two things are very, very important in making sure that the health of your friends and loved ones are not put into jeopardy because of the toxic chemicals found on just any other pest control available out there.
Another very significant factor is the mites problem that is very big, especially this season. One might wake up in the morning and find that a sudden headache occurs, or people start to have a harder time breathing. Dust mites can become the problem and cause of this occurrence. The right treatment, organic mite treatment, should be used to avoid …

Pestigator – A Serious Insect Control Solution

Designed for maximum coverage, the Pestigator is an insect control system that uses your existing irrigation system / sprinklers to spray pesticide. It is most useful in places with large amounts of ground to cover like apartment complexes, golf courses, hotels, and other places that insects make their playground.
The Pestigator is designed to be used with the natural, safe Best Yet insecticide, which is made from cedar oil and liquid quartz rock, making it extremely effective for killing a wide variety of bugs, yet is 100% safe for humans, animals, and the environment. Pestigator can be used with a new or existing irrigation or mobile sprinkler system to quarantine a designated area from mosquitoes and other problem insects. The Best Yet solution has the power to kill all insects within 45 seconds of contact.
The Pestigator insect control system is an affordable alternative to expensive misting systems, which can cost thousands of dollars. And unlike other insect management systems that use chemical insecticide, Pestigator was designed specifically to use Commercial Cockroach Killer the all natural Cedar Oil based products. Using sophisticated valves and a timer system to efficiently deliver the perfect amount of cedar oil concentrate into the irrigation channels, the covered area is completely covered and treated for insects.
Fully automated and using the existing irrigation system, the Pestigator offers an efficient solution for effectively ridding big areas from annoying insects that drive guests away from homes and customers away from businesses. Integrated Pest Management Plan Whether you manage a business with a large lot or a home with ample lawn space, the Pestigator is a smart solution when you have an insects bugging you and a lot of ground to cover in order to solve the insect problem!…

10 Tips on Attracting Birds to Your Backyard: The Benefits of Attracting Birds for Insect Control

Attracting birds to your yard has many benefits, both for you and your garden. A variety of different types of birds not only provides entertainment with their colorful splendor and antics, but wild birds help with insect control. During the spring and summer months, when Termite Spray For Wood pesky flies and disease-carrying mosquitoes are at their peak, wild birds are working hard to feed their young. If you employ nature’s helpers by attracting birds for insect control you will save considerable work and expense, while beautifying your backyard as well.

There are many ways to invite birds to your yard, starting with installing a bird bath, bird feeder, and a variety of bird houses. Many species are in peril due to loss of habitat, so providing bird houses, a bird bath, and bird feeder is just plain good stewardship for mother earth. Decorating with wild birds in mind can make your outdoor living much more pleasurable while in keeping with the overall balance of nature. If you are concerned with birds eating your garden edibles, there are many safe, preventative measures you can take, but most organic gardeners just plant a little extra for the birds and other wild critters. Keep in mind, the benefits of using birds to help with insect control by attracting birds to your backyard, outweighs losing some berries and greens to our winged-friends.

Look at these 10 Tips for Attracting Physical Pest Control Birds to Your Yard:

Provide a variety of seed and suet feeders to attract different types of birds. Place your bird feeder in a sheltered area away from wild predators and outdoor pets. To prevent window strikes, place the feeder within 3 feet or less, or more than 30 feet away from windows.

Provide a bird bath or pond for drinking and bathing. Consider a heated bath to keep water from freezing in higher elevations.

Installing a variety of bird houses around your property will provide homes for roosting in winter and raise young in spring.

If not a hazard, leave dead or dying trees nearby to give cavity-nesting species a place to roost and nest. Trim or cut shrubs and trees in the fall after nesting season is over.

Make a pile of branches and clippings as a habitat for ground-loving species like juncos, towhees, quail and dove.

Use organic gardening methods, rather than pesticides, to control weeds and pests. Even systemic pesticides accumulate in seeds and fruits that wild birds eat. Remember, the more insectivorous species you invite, will help with insect control.

Planting coniferous evergreens not only enhances your yard, but provides natural cover when other trees have lost their leaves.

Use native plants for landscaping as they produce fruit at just the right time for wild birds with which they have co-evolved. The plants you select should depend on the types of birds you wish to attract.

Placement of bird houses and feeders is a key to keeping birds safe from predators. Be aware that attracting birds …

Insect Facts: Termites

There is nothing like the wood hungry termite to strike fear into the heart of a home-owner, especially when an infestation is found. The damage that this little bug can do to the typical stick-built house has to be seen to be believed, and it is seen Pest Control Technician Pay much too often. But as a wise man once said, if you want to win the war, you have to get to know your enemy. And for anyone who owns a building made of wood, there is no doubt that the termite is the enemy, and the war can be lost without knowing him.
Unfortunately, there is not just one enemy of human habitation in the form of the termite, but over four thousand – species, that is. The termite has evolved into a wide variety of types, but they are all part of the same scientific class of insects. Similar to ants and other animals that function in groups and with an almost social kind of order, these are called eusocial creatures. The defining characteristic of eusociality is that the animals actually work together to live and survive, cooperating to do things together that no individual ant or termite could do alone. For example, establish a city in your timbers and proceed to destroy your home.
Termites build nests from whatever raw materials they happen to have around, including saliva and feces, cellulose and soil, and other waste matter. Not coincidentally, all of this building material is also what the little fiends eat, so it serves double nest or colony as it is called, is an amazingly complex structure, with a variety of areas having different purposes and functions. These colonies can contain millions of termites, and they like to construct them in fallen trees, underground, and along and in the foundations of houses. The average colony population consists of semi-mature young bugs called nymphs, soldiers and workers, and male and female individuals whose sole purpose is reproduction.
Unlike bees, there are king and queen termites, and a colony can have many such monarchs, all the better to make more termites. Not only can there be many royal couples who are together for life in a colony, but there are species in which the egg-laying queen has Commercial Pest Control Supplies Near Me been provided with an extra set of ovaries, giving her the ability to make more than a thousand eggs in one day. Interestingly, when she is full of eggs, she will actually be helped by assistants to get from one place to another, like a queen in her bower.
Other prominent termite types are the worker and the soldier. Termites that have been designated workers have the job of gathering, collecting, and safely storing a food supply for the colony. They are also in charge of maintenance of the structure of the colony, as well as being the builders. As you might guess from the name, the soldier termites are charged with defending the nest …

Garden Insect Control – An Incredible and Amazing Guideline

Garden insect control will be a truly severe issue in the world these days. For a few people who like plants and have gardening hobbies, having a garden and lawn could be really wonderful and fantastic things. Lawn isn’t only provide lots of fun and enjoyable activities, however it’s in occasion also produce fruits and vegetables which you could eat. By reason of those benefits of having garden, keeping the lawn becomes beautiful and interesting with it is very essential.
Having a lawn at house means that you have got to be well educated on the issue of garden control. The topic about garden insect control has been frequently discussed by many people all around the world, including Ecosmart Organic Insect Killer the topic about vegetable garden pest control. Coming up with insects and diseases in the lawn truly doesn’t have to be difficult, however there are a few things which you’re going to need to be conscious of.
As soon as you start your lawn, you’re going to want to incorporate the right and the proper garden insect control methods to keep away from getting a pest trouble in the beginning and in the future. In order to eliminate problems with insects and diseases, you ought to always start with healthy soil which will offer the plants anything they need to thrive and growth.
Check out your plants on a regular basis if there are several signals of insects and diseases. The earlier you understand about the diseases and insects, How Often Should Pest Control Be Done the lengthier the age of your plants. The last insect control that you can do is to mist the plants frequently as some insect pets dislike the humidity.
In fact, there are numerous things from it that you can do to prevent and save your plant population from several diseases and insects as well as lawn pets. Though prevention is the concrete measure of the garden insect control [], there are still certain situations where pest problems take over and you’re just going to have got to deal with it.…

Keeping Your Backyard Pest-Free Through Outdoor Insect Control

It is common for homeowners to treat the problem of insect and pest control by simply buying an insect killer from a supermarket or hardware store and apply the simple instructions in the home. There are many products that can be bought in stores today and the most common of them all is the insect killer in the form of a spray. Basically, insect sprays are made of chemicals that can easily kill insects in just a matter of seconds. Mosquitoes easily die when exposed to the smell of these insect killers. Not only are insect killers used for indoor purposes, but for outdoor insect control as well. Homeowners must always consider the fact that insects, termites and other forms of pests can be both found inside of the house.
No matter how clean your environment is, you cannot do away from the entry of unwanted insects in your home. This is because, insects travel from one place to another in search for food. In some instances, insects can come from a neighbor’s house. If it is abandoned house that is within the vicinity of your neighborhood, then insects and pests will surely multiply. While there are many ways to practice insect control and protection to your home, it is also important to consider the root cause why these insects keep coming back in your home.
Outdoor Insects Habitat
The exterior part of the house is considered one of the best places where outdoor insects lives and builds a habitat. They usually cannot be seen but they can be found in the garden area where plants and flowers grow. Insects can also multiply in watery spots such as ponds and plant pots. There are certain types of diseases that can be acquired through insects that is why outdoor insect control is required. Sometimes, skin allergies can also be acquired through contact to some insects found outside of the house. More often than not, insects are carriers of germs and that they can spread such germs from one place to the other.
Technology on Insect Control
With the advancement of technology there are more ways and methods to practice indoor and outdoor insect control. One is the use of electric equipment to kill or drive away insects. There are electric insect repellents that can be plugged in household sockets in and out of the house. The objective of repellents is to drive away insects, such What Attracts Insects as mosquitoes and fleas, but not killing them. A kind of smell shall be emitted by these repellents which will irritate insects and make them move away. Although the smell can be harmful to insects, they can be safe to human beings that is why family members in the home can be exposed to these repellents without any bad side effect.
Service Providers Duty
Part of indoor and outdoor insect control is also the presence of service providers. There are many pest control companies nowadays who cater to the needs of homeowners. Their …

Insect Control: When It’s The Right Time To Make That Call

Nobody likes insects, but they’re particularly unwelcome when they decide to set up a home base in your home. Rather than wasting time with over-the-counter products, or simply waiting for the problem to disappear, be proactive and call an insect control company.
Pests in the home are often an unavoidable part of life, and one that every homeowner is bound to face at one point or another. Contrary to popular belief, insects, mice, and rats are not just restricted to unclean or run-down homes, but likely to call any comfortable and active house their new home. After all, human habitats are usually kept at comfortable temperatures, have plenty of cozy and out-of-the-way spaces, and are chock full of tiny crumbs and morsels that make a great dinner for hungry visitors. The problem is, one visitor often invites another, and before you can blink an eye, there’s a well-established nest or colony sharing your home. More often than not, these uninvited guests find safety in numbers, and they will simply refuse to vacate the premises.
When this happens, there’s often no solution other than calling an insect control specialist. Unfortunately, the longer a homeowner waits to call in professional help, the larger the colony or infestation is able to grow, taking more time and costing more money to get rid of the intruders. Clean House Tips Depending on where you live, you may be more prone to certain types of insect guests than others; homes that are in hot, humid climates or located near the water are more apt to develop problems with insects than those in colder places, or those located at a high altitude.
Like people, insects seek out comfortable surroundings, and warm, wet climates make ideal breeding grounds for a growing colony. Many people simply ignore the presence of one or two bugs in the home, dismissing their appearance as a natural and unavoidable occurrence. Apartment Pest Inspection While this may be true, it doesn’t take very long before one or two insects turn into one or two hundred, or even one or two thousand. At the first sign of any creepy, crawly intruder, it’s time to take action and demonstrate your home is unfriendly territory.
More often than not, homeowners will seek out sprays, bait, traps, and poison to try to eliminate their insect problems. While these over-the-counter products do have some level of effectiveness, the problem is that very rarely will they wipe out the entire colony. Even if there are only a handful of survivors, insects repopulate their numbers very quickly, and it will not take long before the casualties are replaced. A newer, larger, smarter colony is often the result, and each time an over-the-counter poison is used, the colony becomes more intelligent in avoiding it. It’s a much better idea not to waste your time and money, and simply hire an insect control company from the beginning. Having your home professionally treated is the best way to ensure results, and less expensive than …