The Evolution of the Bed Bug

With infestations at an all time high the recession has bitten and so have the Bed Bugs. The effects of the recession or the slowdown as the government so diplomatically puts it seems to be effecting the Bed Bugs as well as the people, only in a positive way, for the Bed Bug that is. As belts are tightened and we batten down the hatches, it seems that the Bed Bugs are the only ones who are going to sleep tight.
Less and less people are paying for pest control and although this has resulted in a boom in sales for amateur pest control products in the UK it has also resulted in a sharp rise in infestations of a variety of pests. Whilst laying some bait down for mice and rats is easy, dealing with a serious infestation of Bed Bugs is a different kettle of fish.
The biology and nature of a Bed Bug makes it hard to treat and eradicate them successfully. Normal insect sprays from the pound shops or the more expensive ones from the DIY stores may kill a Bed Bug if you have a few but a house full of bloodsuckers can only be dealt with effectively by a pest control company and unfortunately that’s where the problem begins. With the competitive pest control market that we have today many companies have resorted to quick and inexpensive treatments usually with cheaper and less effective insecticides in order to get your business.
Effective Bed Bug control can only be achieved by proper preparation and effective and correct treatment procedures. In order to get rid of Bed Bugs the whole property must be treated apart from kitchens and bathrooms unless they have been seen here. An example is in a three bedroom house it is imperative How To Keep Kitchen Pest Free the bedrooms are all treated the loft is treated and the stairways and landings are included. Although some pest control companies don’t treat the living room it is one of the most important areas to treat as this is the first place Bed Bugs will land if it is brought in from outside.
This is a detailed guideline of how to prepare your property for treatment.
The following rules apply only to bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and any other rooms other than the kitchen and bathroom.
o All beds should be stripped of bed sheets pillows and duvets. Any beds which have drawers should have the entire contents removed. This is because all beds and headboards should be sprayed with a residual insecticide and the beds should be turned upside down in order to gain access to underside of the bed where the Bed Bugs are normally located. The hessian on the underside of the beds, chairs and sofas should also be cut open in order to maximise the success of any treatment.
o All furniture i.e. wardrobes, drawers and shelving etc. must be cleared of any items i.e. clothes, shoes, toiletries, blankets. There …