Diatomaceous Earth – A Natural Chemical Free Super Hero

Thousands of years ago tiny creatures inhabited the earth. These creatures lived and died in the sea and by so doing became today’s superheroes. They created one of the worlds wonder products.
Called Diatoms, these microscopic sea creatures lived and died by the millions leaving behind tiny skeletons which collected on the sea bottom. Over the millennia the seas dried up and the deposits of skeletons became one with the land. Modern mining methods unearthed these buried skeletons and the world was introduced to the miracle of Diatomaceous Earth.
Diatomaceous Earth (nicknamed DE), deposits are refined in two ways – as a fine milled food quality powder and a rougher milled filtration powder only used in swimming pool filtration systems and should never be used in any other application. Food quality DE has unlimited uses. Filtration DE should only be used for swimming pool filters. Food quality DE is a natural desiccant.
The food quality Diatomaceous Earth is a fine-milled white powder and is endowed with super powers. It is often called Earth or Shell Flour. DE is both FDA and EPA approved.
The filtration Diatomaceous Earth is used for swimming pool filtration. Swimming pool DE is a large milled product and is UNSAFE for use other than in filtration systems. It should NEVER be used in any other way. Swimming pool DE has large crystals which are too sharp for everyday use.
Food quality Diatomaceous Earth is used for –
1) AGRICULTURE – In agriculture DE is used in grain crop storage and in livestock maintenance. In harvested grain crops it is used two ways. It is added to storage grains to kill and prevent insect infestation and in milled grain crops such as flour it is added as an anti-caking agent. DE’s tiny skeletal parts do not bond together and make an excellent means of controlling caking. For livestock maintenance DE is fed to livestock and improves the overall health of the animals. It is believed that the DE flushes both the intestinal tracts and blood vessels of debris build-up providing overall health benefits.
2) INSECT CONTROL – For insect control, Diatomaceous Earth is unrivaled. It is safe and effective. DE is created from the crushed skeletons of microscopic creatures. These crushed parts, with microscopic sharp edges, scratch the outer skeletal shells of insects causing them to die. The insects are not killed by DE but rather they die from dehydration caused by the scratches on their shells and the drying quality of the DE. It happens gradually, working slowly but effectively. The remaining powder remains viable and will kill any insects which get into it for as long as the powder is there.
One of the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth is that it is chemical free. Insects can build no tolerance Chemical Ingredients to DE as they do with all chemical pesticides and DE continues to kill as long as it is in place.
DE is also non-toxic. Chemicals can be injurious to more than the intended …