6 Places in Your Home That Attract Pests

Pests can make your home a living hell if you don’t take preventive measures against them. From securing your house, to spraying pesticides you must eliminate all forms of bug habitat in the house. Your main goal should be home pest control which will ensure that your house is clean and safe from diseases and infestations. Here are six places of your house that should be cared for most.
1. The Kitchen Area
The place where you prepare food throughout the day is and could be one of the most infested places in your house. Make sure all drains are covered tightly and fix any loose tiles or covers. Give your kitchen drain a weekly cleansing with chemicals that would prevent grease accumulation and keep the area clean. Spray all dark nooks and corners with pesticide twice or thrice a month. Keep all food particles covered or stored in an air tight shelf. If you don’t take care of your kitchen, it can end up being an ideal place for cockroaches.
2. The Do It Yourself Home Pest Control Attic
This is one of the most favorite spots of rodents, roaches and bugs. Attics are usually the least used areas and families store old furniture and goods there for years without bothering to throw anything out. Because attics are dark and undisturbed, these are often the ideal place for pest invasion.
3. The Bathroom Rubbing Alcohol And Lavender Oil For Bed Bugs
The bathroom is one of the favorite spots for mosquitoes, flies, roaches and lizards. Keep your washroom cabinets clean and keep the bathroom as clean as possible. Keep the toilet covered when it’s not in use. Fix any cracks in walls; modify broken water pipe and walls affected by moisture.
4. Pet House
The dog house, cat bed or the bird cage can be an ideal spot for ants, bugs and other crawlers. Make sure they are cleaned everyday and that no food particles are left lying around. Keep a specific area for feeding your cat or dog and clean up after them.
5. Carpets and Rugged Floors
Carpets are a favorite breeding spot for bugs. Warm, comfortable and dark, it is the perfect place for bugs to lay eggs and breed. Vacuum your carpet and if possible get professional cleaning services once or twice a month. Not only will this keep your carpet clean, but will prevent bug invasion and infestation.
6. Moisture
Wall cracks are the favorite spot for termites, bed bugs and roaches. Make sure all large gaping cracks are sealed properly, especially around utility lines and water pipes. Places that is most affected by moisture needs to be attended to, because overtime they become the favorite spot for termites and other infestations.
Keep your house clean and avoid having too much luggage as that can cause clutter and lead to higher the chances of bugs invading it. If you find infestations, it is best to seek help of professional home pest control services and …

How To Store Holiday Decorations So As Not To Attract Pests

Once the hustle and bustle that is the holiday season is over, the focus will be on undressing the tree, taking down the garland and packing up decorations in order to store them away in your attic, basement or crawl space until next year. In order to make sure that your ornaments and other decorations will be used for several more years, you should always properly store them to ensure that pests won’t damage them. Storing your decorations properly may take a little extra time and preparation but the benefits make it definitely worth it.

With that in mind, here are few tips on how to store decorations 4 Types Of Pest Control so that insects and rodents will stay away:

Inspect the area that you will be storing your decorations in; make sure that there are no signs of pest activity. This includes looking for nests, live bugs and/or other signs such as droppings.

Store your decorations and ornaments in plastic storage containers that have a locking lid; this will prevent pests from being able to gain access to your decorations. Though more expensive than cardboard boxes which can be easily chewed through, the investment will offer years of protection.

Items made out of fabric such as stockings, tree skirts and table linens should be stored in sealed plastic bags. This will keep moisture out and prevent How To Do Pest Control At Home By Yourself pests from getting in. You may also consider washing them (if the material would allow) to get rid of any crumbs or other debris attractive to pests.

Artificial trees and wreaths should be stored in tree and wreath bags instead of the boxes they were purchased in. The bags are made out of heavy-duty, moisture resistant material that will also be able to withstand pest invasions.

Though ornaments and other seasonal items made by our children are precious, any edible, handmade ones could attract foraging insects and rodents. In consideration of that, it is best to discard any that fall into the edible category. Taking a picture of your little ones’ handiwork is a way to remember their hard work while protecting your home from pests.

By being proactive and implementing the proper storage tips and suggestions mentioned above, you can ensure that when you get out your decorations and ornaments to fill your home with holiday cheer next year, that they will be pest free and in the exact same condition as when you left them.…